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Industry Retail
Founded 1949
Founder Édouard Leclerc
Headquarters Ivry-sur-Seine, France
Area served
Products discount store, hypermarket, supercenter, superstore
Revenue Increase 47.3 billion (2012)
Number of employees
94,000 (2010)
Website e-leclerc.com
Édouard Leclerc head office, 26 quai Marcel Boyer, Ivry-sur-Seine
E.Leclerc in Miranda de Ebro, Spain

E.Leclerc (informally simply Leclerc French pronunciation: ​[ləklɛʁ]) is a French cooperative society and hypermarket chain, headquartered in Ivry-sur-Seine.[1] E.Leclerc was established on 1 January 1948 by Édouard Leclerc.[2][3] E.Leclerc currently has more than 500 locations in France and 114 stores outside of the country, as of 2012.[2] The chain enables semi-independent stores to operate under the Leclerc brand.

Own brand ranges come under the Marque Repère and Eco+ banners. Some larger hypermarkets have a separate entertainment/multimedia section, under the name of Espace Culturel.


  • 1948: Edouard Leclerc opens the first self-service grocery store in Landerneau, Brittany
  • 1956: Start of E.Leclerc's clothing range
  • 1960: The 60th E.Leclerc opens in Issy-les-Moulineaux
  • 1969: 95 supermarkets close in order to be taken over by Intermarché
  • 1973 : Edouard Leclerc invented the Foire aux vins (wine fair) which it launches into its supermarkets [4]
  • 1979: Leclerc creates SIPLEC (a petrol import organisation)
  • 1985: Leclerc is the first retailer to sell jewelley within supermarkets with its 'Le Manège à Bijoux' concept.
  • 1992: Leclerc opens first Spanish supermarket and starts European expansion
  • 1995: Leclerc stops giving out plastic bags for free
  • 2000: Leclerc opens first Slovenian hypermarket in Ljubljana on 7 June
  • 2002: Leclerc creates a joint-venture with Conad in Italy
  • 2007: Leclerc opens second Slovenian hypermarket in Maribor on 7 November
  • 2007: Sales reach €30 billion.

Leclerc stores[edit]

E.Leclerc in Wrocław, Poland
Country First store Stores
France France 1948 569
Poland Poland 1994 40
Portugal Portugal 1992 20
Spain Spain 1992 20
Réunion Réunion - 15
Andorra Andorra - 2
Slovenia Slovenia 2000 2


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