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E.ON Arena
E.ON Arena Timrå Sweden.jpg
Former names Timrå Isstadion (1966 - 2003)
Sydkraft Arena (2003 - 2005)
Location Sportvägen 4, Timrå, Medelpad, Sweden
Coordinates 62°30′21″N 17°21′00″E / 62.50583°N 17.35000°E / 62.50583; 17.35000
Owner Conferera i Timrå AB
Operator Conferera i Timrå AB
Capacity 6,000 (4,600 seats + 1,400 stands)
Built 1964 - 1966
Opened September 4, 1966
Renovated 1994
Expanded 2003
Construction cost SEK 50 million
(2003 expansion)
Main contractors Ellextre Entreprenad AB (2003 expansion)
Timrå IK (Elitserien) 1965 - present

E.ON Arena, formerly Sydkraft Arena, is an indoor sporting arena located in Timrå, Sweden. It is the home arena of the Timrå IK ice hockey team. The current capacity is 6,000.


The current building was constructed in 2003 on the grounds of, and re-using the roof from the old Timrå Isstadion. This predecessor dates back to around 1964 according to the Swedish Hockey Association, but was officially inaugurated September 4, 1966. The old arena underwent a heavy refresh for the 1994/1995 season, resulting in a capacity of 5,500.



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