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e.Republic, Inc. is a Folsom, California-based media company "with ties to Scientology".[1][2] It publishes Government Technology Magazine, a publication covering the role of information technology in state and local government,[2] along with three other publications.[1]


e.Republic was formed by Dennis McKenna and Don Pearson. In November 2009, the company purchased Governing Magazine from the Times Publishing Group.[3][4]

Connection with L. Ron Hubbard[edit]

e.Republic is listed in the directory of World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE).[5][better source needed]

Many managers at e.Republic are Scientologists.[6] New hires at e.Republic are given a copy of Speaking From Experience, a management training book by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. They are pressured to read the book, and also to take a course based on its contents. Some employees of e.Republic have described the emphasis on Hubbard's ideas as disconcerting. "It fosters a level of paranoia because you feel like if you speak out against how much Hubbard stuff is in the training you think they’ll come after you," said one worker speaking anonymously in 2001.[6][7]

Employees, former employees, and critics such as Stephen A. Kent have expressed concern that Scientology may have affected the magazine's journalistic and editorial coverage of issues related to Scientology, without making the connection clear. Scientology's critical view of psychiatry and promotion of Hubbard's books are given as examples.[6] Non-Scientologist employees have also expressed concern over their job security.[4][7]


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