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Dr. E. David Cook is a Fellow of Green College, Oxford and the first Holmes Professor of Faith and Learning at Wheaton College. He is also a visiting Professor of Christian Ethics at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and is a Senior Fellow of the Trinity Forum. He advises the Archbishops and the British Government and is a member of the UK Xenotransplantation Interim Regulatory Authority. He lectures internationally and preaches in a wide variety of denominations.

He received his B.A. (Summa cum laude) at Arizona State University in 1968 in Philosophy of Religion/Philosophy. In 1970, he received M.A. (First Class Honours), Edinburgh University, Mental Philosophy. In 1973, he received Ph.D., New College, Edinburgh University. In 1984, he received M.A., Oxford University. In 1999, he received D. Litt., Honorary Degree, Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts.[1] He was also awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Criswell College.[2]

Membership in professional societies[edit]

  • Center for Applied Christian Ethics (senior fellow)
  • Trinity Forum (senior fellow)
  • Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity (fellow)
  • Tyndale Fellowship (member)

Selected papers[edit]


  • The Moral Maze, Romanian edition 2004
  • Blind Alley Beliefs, Turkish edition, 2005
  • The Moral Maze, Spanish edition, 2005
  • Not Just Science (ed. D F Chappell and E D Cook) Zondervan, Grand Rapids, 2005
  • Contraception, IVP, Leicester and Downers Grove, with editor, 2005
  • Consultant editor, Children of Prometheus, (ed. D Russ, P.Adman) Trinity Forum Publications 2005


  • The Soul of the Embryo, David Jones, Theology, 2005
  • Aiming to Kill, Nigel Biggar, Third Way, 2005


  • Medical Ethics, ChristianPost.org, 2005
  • Da Ali G Show, HBO, 2000
  • Wheaton Underground, wetn.org, 2006

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