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E. J. (Edwin James) Brady (7 August 1869 – 22 August 1952) was an Australian poet.

He was born at Carcoar, New South Wales, and was educated both in the United States and Sydney. He worked as a wharf clerk, a farmer, and journalist, and edited both rural and city newspapers.

He was a friend and correspondent of Sir Edmund Barton, the first Australian prime minister, and helped to save Henry Lawson's life in 1910.

He later established a writers' and artists' colony at Mallacoota, in 1909, and he continued to live there until his death in 1952 at the age of 83. A passionate nationalist, he achieved his greatest fame with his book Australia Unlimited, a bestseller from its appearance in 1918, which urged dramatic increases in the national population.



  • The Ways of Many Waters (1899)
  • The Earthen Floor (1902)
  • The Ways of Many Waters (1909)
  • Bushland ballads 1910
  • Bells and Hobbles (1911)
  • The House of the Winds (1919)
  • Wardens of the Seas (1933)


  • Sydney Harbour (1903)
  • Australia Unlimited (1918)

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