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E. Marinella is an Italian necktie company founded by Eugenio Marinella in 1914 in Naples.[1] It has standalone stores in Naples, Milan, Lugano, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo,[2] and is also sold at department stores in Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.[3] Its first shop opened in Naples' Piazza Vittoria. [4] At the time of its opening, E. Marinella offered menswear following trends in English fashion. Marinella also hired artisan shirtmakers from Paris to teach his staff pattern making techniques. [5]

As of 1999 the company is owned by Maurizio Marinella.[6] The company is considered to be a luxury brand.[7] In Naples its operations are on the Riviera di Chiaia.[8] Politicians such as President of the United States Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin, Silvio Berlusconi, Jacques Chirac and Hosni Mubarak have worn Marinella ties,[9] as have King Juan Carlos, Prince Charles, Gianni Agnelli and Prince Albert of Monaco.[10]

In addition to ties, E. Marinella also sells bags, watches, cologne, accessories and cufflinks for men. Their line of women's products include bags, scarves, perfumes and accessories. [11]


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