Calcium bisulfite

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Calcium bisulfite
Calcium bisulfite.png
Calcium bisulfite ball-and-stick.png
IUPAC name
Calcium hydrogen sulfite
Other names
Calcium bisulphite
3D model (JSmol)
ECHA InfoCard 100.034.007 Edit this at Wikidata
E number E227 (preservatives)
RTECS number
  • EV9294500
Molar mass 202.22 g/mol
Melting point 203 °C
Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).
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Calcium bisulfite (calcium bisulphite) is an inorganic compound which is the salt of a calcium cation and a bisulfite anion. It may be prepared by treating lime with an excess of sulfur dioxide and water. As a food additive it is used as a preservative under the E number E227. Calcium bisulfite is an acid salt and behaves like an acid in aqueous solution. It is used in the sulfite process for producing paper from wood chips.[1]

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