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E3 Media, Ltd.
digital agency/online marketing
Industry digital media/online marketing web design
Founded 2000
Headquarters Bristol, London England, UK
Key people
Mike Bennett (businessman)
Stuart Avery
Website [1]

E3 Media is a privately owned digital communications agency founded in Bristol in 2000. It specializes in interactive marketing, design and build, and user experience and currently has a total of 50 employees in Bristol and Farringdon, London.

New Generation Productions[edit]

Originally named New Generation Productions, the company was founded by Mike Bennett and Stuart Avery six months before the duo graduated from university[1] in Bristol.

Between 1997 and 1999 New Generation Productions employed a team of six people, designing local web sites for the clients that included Venue (magazine), the University of Bristol, and several design and advertising agencies.[citation needed]

In late 1999 New Generation Productions Media accepted over £300,000 from two of Bristol's leading publishing entrepreneurs;[2] Scott Davidson and Dougal Templeton [3] in Bristol.Both became non-executive directors and significant shareholders in New Generation Productions.[citation needed] Shortly after obtaining funding the company grew from 6 people to over 30 and launched several online initiatives, including the first internet investment vehicle outside of London called E3 Media.[citation needed]

In November 1999 New Generation Productions was valued at £25 million UK Pounds by investment house 3i.[citation needed] Bennett and Avery were also offered £7 Million UK Pounds in a joint cash and share deal to sell 51% of their company to Jellyworks, a London based investment firm backed by Barclays Bank.[4] Bennett and Avery turned the offer down.[citation needed]

In early 2001 the internet bubble burst and New Generation Productions was rebranded as E3 Media and the investment arm was closed to focus on web design and the agency.[citation needed] E3 Media has continued to expand their client base with major brands including Orange (brand), FCUK, Halfords, National Express, Vodafone, o2, MGM, and Cadburys.[citation needed] They also opened an office in Dublin to tap into the Irish high tech boom.[5]


E3 acquired Farringdon based creative agency Butterfly Effect in late 2005 to gain a foothold in the capital.[6] In March 2009, Avery and Bennett had completed a management buy out of E3 that resulted in their 100% ownership of the company.[7][8]

E3 remains a successful digital agency in the UK,[9] and is ranked in the UK's top 50 agencies.[10]

In 2009 E3 was named Digital Agency of the Year in the MIN Awards,[11] [12]


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