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Autoput A 1
Аутопут А1
Route information
Part of
Length: 539 km (335 mi)
588 km (365 mi) planned
Major junctions
From: M5 autopalya.png M5 at Horgoš border crossing Hungary

Belgrade bypass near Batajnica
Serbian motorway A3 shield at Dobanovci interchange
State Road 13 SuboticaKikinda at Subotica
State Road 12 Novi SadZrenjanin at Novi Sad
Expressway 24 (Serbia) Expressway 24, Kragujevac-Batočina at Batočina
State Road 14 SmederevoPožarevacNegotin at Smederevo
E761-SRB.svg E761, KruševacParaćinZaječar at Paraćin (future Serbian motorway A5 shield)
A4-SRB.svg Niš-Pirot-Sofia at A1/A4 junction near Niš

State Road 39 LeskovacPirot at Leskovac
To: M1-MKD.svg M1 at Preševo border crossing Republic of Macedonia
Regions: North Banat, North Bačka, South Bačka, Srem, Belgrade, Podunavlje, Šumadija, Pomoravlje, Rasina, Nišava, Jablanica, Pčinja
Major cities: Subotica, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Smederevo, Jagodina, Kruševac, Niš, Leskovac, Vranje
Highway system

Motorways in Serbia

A5 A2

The A1 motorway (Serbian: Аутопут А1 / Autoput A1) is a motorway in Serbia and with approximately 590 kilometers (370 mi) it is the longest motorway in Serbia. It crosses the country from north to south, starting at Horgoš border crossing with Hungary and ending with Preševo border crossing with Republic of Macedonia. As a part of the European route E75 and Pan-European corridor X, connecting many larger Serbian cities and part of the capital's bypass, it is one of the most vital highways of Serbian road infrastructure. Significant works are undergoing for its reconstruction and enhancement.[1]

Route sections status[edit]

The highway consists of three major sections: HorgošSuboticaNovi SadBelgrade (178 km), BelgradeNiš (237 km) and NišLeskovacPreševoMacedonian border (152 km). After enhancement works, mostly completed in 2011, the whole Horgoš–Grdelica and Vladičin Han-state boundary route is a complete dual carriageway.

Enhancement of southern part, financed by Serbian Government and Hellenic Plan is still in progress. Northern and central section are linked through the heart of the city of Belgrade, but partial completion of the Belgrade bypass provides a separate transit route.[2]

The enhancement of southern part is operated and split in the following sections:[3]

Section Length Total value Operator Status
GrabovnicaGrdelica 5.6 km - Terna S.A. Completed
Grdelica – Caričina Dolina 11.8 km - Several operators In progress
Caričina Dolina – Vladičin Han 14.3 km - Several operators In progress
Vladičin Han – Donji Neradovac 26.3 km - Terna S.A. Completed
Donji Neradovac – Levosoje 16 km - AKTOR S.A., Ratko Mitrović, Srbijaautoput In progress

Table's current progress status is as of 18 March 2017.



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