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The European walking route E8

The E8 European long distance path or E8 path is one of the European long-distance paths, leading 4,700 km (2,920 miles) across Europe, from Cork in Ireland to Bulgaria.


After Ireland it crosses the Irish Sea into Wales and then into England, where it follows part of the Trans Pennine Trail. After crossing the North Sea, it passes through the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania. It finally crosses Bulgaria before reaching the border to Turkey.


It was the first European long-distance path to be designated, and opened, in the UK. The section was opened in 1996.

Some of the eastern sections of the route are yet to be finalised.

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Coordinates: 48°54′23″N 19°52′10″E / 48.90639°N 19.86944°E / 48.90639; 19.86944