EAS Alexander

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EAS Alexander
EAS Alexander.jpg
The Earth Alliance Starship Alexander opens fire with its forward batteries
First appearance "Point of No Return"
Affiliation Earth Alliance
(Sheridan's forces in Civil War)
General characteristics
Class Omega-class destroyer
Fighters Starfuries
Propulsion 4 main sublight engines
Jump engines
Length 1,714.3 m (5,624.3 ft)

In the Babylon 5 science fiction universe, the EAS Alexander was an Earth Alliance Omega class destroyer. It may have been named after Alexander the Great. It played a key role in the Earth Alliance Civil War of 2260 - 2261.

In 2259 President Morgan Clark had his predecessor Luis Santiago assassinated with the assistance of the Shadows. Over the next year and a half he slowly turned the Earth Alliance from a democracy into a dictatorship. In the middle of 2260, he mandated martial law throughout the Alliance. In response, former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General William Hague began a rebellion against Clark. Hague took command of the Alexander, and five other ships joined his forces.

The Alexander and the other ships headed to the jump gate at Io. They were met by ships loyal to Clark, who proceeded to fire upon Hague's ships. Alexander and the other ships managed to disable their attackers, and were able to escape from the solar system. However they soon faced more attacks, and only the Alexander survived. Reports said that Hague was on the run, and that they would soon capture him. Hague took the Alexander to a meeting with authorities on Orion 7. Coming back from that meeting the ship was attacked by the EAS Clarkstown. Though the Alexander was able to destroy the Clarkstown, General Hague was killed in the attack. Major Ryan took command of the ship, and decided to proceed to Babylon 5.

When the Alexander arrived at Babylon 5, Captain John Sheridan gave her sanctuary, and his crew began repairs on the ship. The EAS Churchill soon arrived, and informed Major Ryan and Captain Sheridan that because Mars had refused to implement martial law Clark had begun bombing targets on Mars. They also learned that a large force was coming to arrest the Babylon 5 command crew. Captain Sheridan withdrew the station from the Earth Alliance. Soon Clark's forces arrived, and began their attack.

In the ensuing fight, the Churchill took severe damage and was destroyed. The Alexander also took a large amount of damage as well. After the battle, the Alexander found that they couldn't take on the Churchill fighter pilots because their launch bays were damaged. Major Ryan offered the fighters to Captain Sheridan so that Babylon 5's fighter squadrons would be at full strength.

Following the battle at Babylon 5, Major Ryan decided to leave Babylon 5 on the grounds that Clark wouldn't be able to concentrate fire on them. The Alexander left the area. Little is known about what happened to her afterwards, except that she arrived at Proxima III following the battle to free the colony on that world.