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East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum
First event2000 Gangwon Province, Korea
PurposeInternational Tourism Conference

East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum was founded in Gangwon Province, Korea in 2000 in order to pursue for peace and prosperity through exchanges in diverse fields especially on tourism. Nine member countries from Northeast and Southeast Asian Provinces founded participated at the preliminary meeting in Seoul in September 1999 to form EATOF. It is the only international tourism association in East Asia, led by local governments. Currently, EATOF has 12 member provinces with the accession of Quảng Ninh Province in 2005 and Luang Prabang and Siem Riep in 2009.[1]


Each member is playing following roles to achieve goals of EATOF:

  • Exchange of information on tourism policy and tourism industry
  • Development of joint programs which promote tourism in individual provinces and the region as a whole
  • Training, education and exchange of personnel working in the tourism sector both private and public
  • Other matters related to mutual cooperation in tourism


  • 2000. 9.

After preliminary meeting, EATOF 2000 that is also called an inarguable meeting was held in Gangwon Province, Korea with participation of nine member provinces.

  • 2006. 9

Quang Ninh Province in Vietnam became a new regular member, and then EATOF has consisted of ten member provinces.

  • 2007. 9

At the EATOF 2007 in Chiang Mai Province agreed to establish EATOF Permanent Secretariat.

  • 2008. 1

EATOF permanent secretariat has been established in Gangwon Province.

  • 2009. 9.

Siem Reap in Cambodia and Luang Prabang in Laos became new regular members, and then EATOF has consisted of twelve member provinces.

Member Province[edit]

 South Korea Gangwon Province Founding member
 Indonesia Yogyakarta Special Region Coat of arms of Yogyakarta.svg Founding member
 Philippines Cebu Founding member
 Japan Tottori Flag of Tottori Prefecture.svg Founding member
 China Jilin Founding member
 Malaysia Sarawak Coat of arms of Sarawak.svg Founding member
 Thailand Chiang Mai Founding member
 Mongolia Tuv Mn coa töv aimag.svg Founding member
 Russia Primorsky Coat of arms of Primorsky Krai.svg Founding member
 Vietnam Quảng Ninh Province 2005
 Laos Luang Prabang 2009
 Cambodia Siem Reap 2009
EATOF General Assembly
No Date Country Host Theme
1st 5–7 September 2000  South Korea Gangwon Province
2nd 9–11 September 2001  Indonesia Yogyakarta Special Region
3rd 22‒24 September 2002  Philippines Cebu
4th 5–7 September 2004  Japan Tottori
5th 2–4 September 2005  China Jilin
6th 14–16 September 2006  Malaysia Sarawak
7th 5–7 September 2007  Thailand Chiang Mai
8th 21‒23 July 2008  Mongolia Ulan Bator
9th 8–10 September 2009  South Korea Gangwon Province
10th 2010  Vietnam Quảng Ninh Province EATOF 2010 - For the sustainable development in East Asia
11th 22‒25 November 2011  Philippines Cebu Celebrating 12 Years of Enduring Cooperation and Commitment
12th 28 November – 1 December 2012  Cambodia Siem Reap Province East Asia Optimizing Sustainable Green Tourism
13th 17–21 October 2013  Laos Luang Prabang Province Tourism, the Key to Sustainable Cultural Conservation
14th 4-6 September 2014  Malaysia Kuching, Sarawak Growing Regional Tourism Together
15th 2015  Indonesia Yogyakarta Special Region


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