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Not to be confused with the PHP optimizer eAccelerator.

eAcceleration, or eAcceleration Corp., is a technology company based in Poulsbo, Washington that produces StopSign, a computer security suite, including anti-virus and anti-spyware software, a popup blocker, and firewall.

StopSign was listed on Spywarewarrior.com as a "Special Case" in 2005 after correcting questionable business practices (details),[specify] but many IT professionals still recommended other software solutions for anti-virus and spyware removal (see external links below). StopSign has since been removed completely from SpywareWarrior.com due to improved detection abilities and business practices.

The StopSign security suite also offers their customer's a free "Custom Cure(TM)" if a virus or spyware remains after normal scanning with their software suite.


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