Tigilanol tiglate

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Tigilanol tiglate
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Molar mass562.647 g·mol−1
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Tigilanol tiglate (USAN),[1] previously known as EBC-46 is an experimental drug candidate being studied pre-clinically[2] by the Australian company Ecobiotics (specifically its drug discovery subsidiary Qbiotics). It was discovered through an automated screening process of natural products by selecting increasingly purified fractions of plant extracts, based on their ability to produce the desired activity profile. This is then followed by artificial synthesis of the isolated compound to confirm its chemical structure. EBC-46 is a phorbol ester which, along with other related compounds, acts as a protein kinase C regulator.[3]

The initial lead came from observation that marsupials found the seed of Fontainea picrosperma unpalatable due to an inflammatory chemical present in reasonably high concentrations. This was identified as 12-tigloyl-13-(2-methylbutanoyl)-6,7-epoxy-4,5,9,12,13,20-hexahydroxy-1-tiglian-3-one.[4]

EBC-46 is an extract from blushwood berries of Queensland, Australia.[2]

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