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EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht
EBS logo
Former name
European Business School
Motto Inspiring Personalities.
Type Private research university
Established 1971
Founder Klaus Evard
Dean Sebastian Heese (Business School), Markus Ogorek (Law School)
Academic staff
33 permanent faculty members (25 Business School, 8 Law School), 11 adjunct professors, 19 honorary professors und 7 international visiting professors[1]
Students 1514
(including doctoral students)
Location Wiesbaden, Oestrich-Winkel, Hessen, Germany
Campus Rural, City
Language English, German
Presidential council Barbara Dauner-Lieb (chairwoman), Sebastian Heese, Markus Ogorek [2]
Affiliations FIBAA, German Council of Science and Humanities
Website www.ebs.edu/en/start.html

EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht (literally "university for business and law"), more commonly referred to as EBS Universität or simply EBS, is a private research university for business and law located in Wiesbaden and Oestrich-Winkel, founded in 1971. The university's activities focus on three core areas: undergraduate degree programs, postgraduate degree programs and executive education. The EBS Universität has the right to award doctorates and habilitations.

With the foundation of its law faculty, the former European Business School was awarded university status, forming EBS Universität.


View into the inner courtyard of EBS Business School

EBS was founded in Offenbach am Main as a University of Applied Sciences by Klaus Evard in 1971. The young institution was named European Business School. In 1980 the School moved to Schloss Reichartshausen in Oestrich-Winkel in the Rheingau. In 1989 it was awarded higher education status, in 1993 the right to confer doctoral degrees and in 1998 the right to confer post-doctoral (professorial) qualifications. In 2005 EBS opened its second campus location in the Rheingau Palais in Wiesbaden-Schierstein, which became the institution's official seat in 2008. On 16 June 2010, EBS Law School was founded as a second faculty alongside EBS Business School and "Universität in Gründung" (University under formation) status was gained. EBS Law School is located in Wiesbaden and the official seat of EBS Universität has now been moved from Wiesbaden-Schierstein to the Gustav-Stresemann-Ring in Wiesbaden. Since September 2011 the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht has the official status of a university.

Campus of EBS Business School


The EBS maintains a total of five locations for teaching, research, and administrative purposes. The two largest campuses are located in Wiesbaden and Oestrich-Winkel. The newer Wiesbaden campus houses the EBS Law School, while Reichartshausen castle at the larger and older Oestrich-Winkel campus houses the EBS Business School.[3]

Organization and administration[edit]

The EBS is currently run by a presidential board, consisting of Chairwomen Barbara Dauner-Lieb, Business School Dean Sebastian Heese, and Law School Dean Markus Ogorek.[4] The majority of research activities and administrative services are located at the Wiesbaden premises, while the Oestrich-Winkel campus houses only few administrative offices and is the primary location of teaching and student life.

Academic profile[edit]

The EBS Universität offers degree programmes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The EBS Business School offers traditional German business and economics (Betriebswirtschaftslehre) education as well as specialized MSc programmes in Management, Finance, and other areas. The EBS Law School offers degree courses leading to the German State Examination in jurisprudence. Both faculties also offer doctoral programmes and award habilitations.[5]

A personal coach is available to all students and doctoral candidates to support them throughout their studies.[6] The University also offers a range of executive education programmes for specialists and managers. EBS is a member of the academic section of the UN Global Compact, a global initiative to promote corporate citizenship.

In addition to business-related research, EBS has a chair of Philosophy of Science and an Institute for Business Ethics.[7]

Student life[edit]

Students work together in numerous student initiatives to address social issues, organize events and congresses, or consult small and mid-sized businesses. One notable event is the annual EBS Symposium, which brings together renowned personalities of business and politics with students and journalists to discuss current business issues.



Financial Times-Ranking

Master in Management
2014: #3 in Germany and #14 worldwide; #1 worldwide in "Corporate Strategy" and "Organisational Behaviour" [11]
2015: #2 in Germany and #11 worldwide[12]


Bachelor (Business School)
2014/15: Ranked among the best in 5 of the 5 considered evaluated areas[13]
Master (Business School)
2014/15: Ranked among the best in 5 of the 5 considered evaluated areas[14]

Eduniversal Ranking

Business School: #3 in Germany.[15]
Master in Management: #2 in Germany and #14 in Europe.[16]
Master in Real Estate Management: #1 in Germany and #2 worldwide[17]
Master in Financial Markets: #1 in Germany and 17 worldwide[18]
MBA Full-Time: #3 in Germany and #25 in Western Europe[19]
Exec. MBA Part-Time: #2 in Germany and #19 in Western Europe[20]


Alcohol abuse by students[edit]

New EBS students caught attention in September 2010 as they over-consumed alcohol in September 2010 in very close proximity to the university as part of a freshman ritual.[21][22][23]

Initial public funding of the law school[edit]

The foundation of the EBS Law School should initially be funded by the state Hesse and the city Wiesbaden with 25 million euro. [24] This was especially criticized because the budgets of public universities were cut at the same time.[25] In April 2011 it became known, that the public support was double than initially planned, now accounting for 50 million euro.[26] At the end of April the Hessian Ministry for Science announced to examine the reports on expenditure of funds and to freeze all aid money.[27] As a result of the examinations the university had to repay 950,000 Euro, which were during the presidency of Christopher Jahn used for other causes than for the startup of the law school.[28]

State prosecutor raid at EBS in 2014[edit]

In the parliamentary commission of inquiry of the State of Hesse as to the potential abuse by EBS of subsidies granted for the setting up of the new law faculty former EBS head of financial affairs Klaus-Peter Niesik in 2013 admitted that EBS had manipulated and brightened data in order to get State subsidies leading to the abuse of tax money.[29] Inquiries by state prosecuters because of a potential fraud at the expense of the State of Hesse led to another state prosecutor raid at the premises of leading EBS management staff on April 9, 2014.[30] A total of four offices and the flats of three indicted actual and former EBS management staff members were searched.[31]


  • Walter Leisler Kiep
  • Christopher Jahns
  • Rolf Cremer
  • Rolf Wolff


The alumni association[edit]

Founded in 1971, the EBS's Alumni Association is one of the oldest and largest networks of alumni in Germany, with over 3,400 members.[32] In 2008 the EBS Alumni Association initiated the Alumni Alliance, a strategic cooperation between the Harvard Clubs of Germany, the Oxford Alumni Association in Berlin, Stanford Alumni Rhein-Main Frankfurt, HSG Alumni St. Gallen Frankfurt, and ETH Alumni Zürich and Frankfurt.[33]

List of notable alumni[edit]

International network[edit]

The EBS maintains a global network of 270 partner universities. These partner universities include:[38]

Filmography & books[edit]

  • Gestatten: Elite – Auf den Spuren der Mächtigen von morgen. (Engl.: Meet the elite – On the trail of tomorrows powerful) Book, Hoffmann und Campe, Hamburg 2008, ISBN 978-3-455-50051-6
  • "grow or go“. The Architects of the "global village“. Documentary, Germany 2003, 94 Min., Buch: Marc Bauder, Dörte Franke, Regie: Marc Bauder, Produktion: ZDF, Das kleine Fernsehspiel[39] (Four absolvents are followed on their way to become consultants)
  • „Von Anfang an Elite“ (Engl.: Elite from the beginning). Documentary, Deutschland 2008, 45 Min., Buch: Julia Friedrichs, Eva Müller, Produktion: WDR, Die Story[40]
  • „Die jungen Manager“ (Engl.: The young managers). Documentary about the expectations of the future managers, Germany, 5.06 Min., 25. März 2013[41]

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