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The eBay API is an Application programming interface for interacting directly with the eBay database.[1] The communication occurs over the Internet in the XML format. Using the API, an application can provide a custom interface, functionality or specialized operations not otherwise afforded by the eBay interface.


With the eBay API, developers can create programs that can

  • Display eBay listings
  • Get high-bidder information for sold items
  • Get the current list of eBay categories
  • Leave feedback about other users when finishing a commerce transaction
  • Retrieve lists of items a particular user is currently selling
  • Retrieve lists of items a particular user has bid
  • Submit items for listing on eBay
  • View information about items listed on eBay

As the API does not depend upon the eBay User Interface, this makes it possible to create stable, custom functionality and interfaces that meet business needs.

eBay APIs[edit]

  • Trading Api
  • Feedback Api
  • Open Api

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