ECI Literatuurprijs

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ECI Literatuurprijs
Awarded forDutch-language literature
Sponsored byECI
CountryNetherlands, Flemish Belgium
Reward(s)€50,000; statuette by Eugène Peters
First awarded1987
Last awardedActive award

The ECI Literatuurprijs (previously AKO Literatuurprijs and Generale Bank Literatuurprijs) is a prize for literature in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is awarded to authors writing in Dutch and amounts to €50,000. The ceremony is televised live each year. The prize was conceived in 1986 and inaugurated the following year with the aim to promote literature and increase the public's interest in books.

Name and sponsorship[edit]

AKO in Amsterdam (2009)

The name of the prize has not been constant, reflecting the main sponsors. It was first prefixed with AKO after its sponsor-founder, the Amsterdamsche Kiosk Onderneming, a chain of over 100 bookstores and newsstands in the Netherlands. From 1997 through 1999 it was sponsored by Belgium's Generale Bank and was named accordingly – Generale Bank Literatuurprijs. The bank was absorbed and the sponsorship presumably assumed by Fortis Bank in 1999, but the financing of the prize reverted to AKO before the 2000 award, so the name Fortis Literatuurprijs was never formally implemented. Beginning in 2015, AKO dropped sponsorship and the prize was sponsored by ECI, a book club and webshop.[1]

Selection procedure[edit]

The ECI Literatuurprijs is awarded by a 5-member jury of Dutch and Belgian book critics, some of whom have served on it repeatedly. The 6th person, the head of the jury, changes every year and is usually a public figure, often a politician.

The nominations follow the system of a longlist, tiplijst, of 25 preliminary nominees and a shortlist, toplijst, of 6 finalists. In order to be considered for a given year, a book needs to be published before the first of July of the year in which the prize is to be awarded and after the 30th of June of the preceding year.[2] The winner is usually announced later in the fall.



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