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Eck or ECK may refer to:


Eck may also refer to the following people, as a surname or, chiefly in Scotland, as a diminutive of the forename Alexander (Alex, Alec, Al/Eck)

  • Eck Robertson (1886–1975), American fiddle player
  • Diana L. Eck (born 1946), Professor at Harvard University
  • Dorothy Eck (1924-2017), American politician
  • Heinz-Wilhelm Eck German World War II U-boat commander
  • Johann Eck (1486–1543), 16th century theologian and defender of Catholicism
  • Johnny Eck, born John Eckhardt, Jr. (1911–1991), American freak show performer
  • Werner Eck, German historian
  • Eck, nickname for Dennis Eckersley
  • Alexander McLeish (born 1959), Scottish footballer nicknamed "Big Eck"
  • Alex Salmond (born 1954), Scottish politician, First Minister of Scotland from 2007 until 2014, sometimes nicknamed 'Eck'
  • Eck, a fictitious two-dimensional alien character from the original The Outer Limits TV series