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EC Villacher SV
EC VSV logo.png
City Villach, Carinthia, Austria
League Erste Bank Eishockey Liga
Founded 1923
Home arena Villacher Stadthalle
(Capacity: 4,800)

Blue, White

Owner(s) Isep Gilbert
General manager Widitsch Stefan
Head coach Greg Holst
Website EC VSV
Franchise history
1923– EC VSV
Austrian Champions 6 (1981, 1992, 1993, 1999, 2002, 2006)

EC Villacher SV are an ice hockey team in the Erste Bank Hockey League. They play their home games at Stadthalle (capacity approximately 4500 spectators) in Villach, Austria. The team colors are blue and white. Their mascot is an eagle - Villach's coat of arms represents an eagle's claw.


By winning the second divisions title in the 1976–77 season EC VSV gained automatic promotion to Austria's highest league and has tenured since. Following rival team, EC KAC, Villacher is the second oldest club in the EBEL. Although the team finished last in their debut season at the top levl (a primary reason why head coach Karol Havasi was replaced by player-coach Ryan D'Arcy by the end of the season), some of their young players, led by Leo Sivec, already showed good promise. In their second season they took the fifth place, the main problem was the vacant coaching job, which was initially filled by Adalbert and Saint John, by the end of the season by injured Bart Crashley.

After missing the playoffs three times in a row, in the 1980–81 season, Villach finally achieved their league title success. Thanks to the youth training under Hermann Knoll and an increased incorporation of the young players (Sivec the oldest residents at that time was just 23 years of age) the EC VSV finished the regular season up to second place. The Final round against the Wiener EV was won narrowly. The following year, however behind Sivec missed presence due to injury most of the season, Villach finished 5th in both the regular season and playoffs.

EC VSV in Zagreb

During the last decade of the 20th century EC VSV established themselves as a competitive outfit claiming two early Austrian Championships in 1992 and 1993, in a period when VEU Feldkirch dominated the action in the Austrian Hockey. After struggling against local rivals EC KAC in the playoffs. it was not until the 1998–99 season in which Villach could get past Klagenfurt in the finals again and win their fourth title.

Villacher secured its last title success, it sixth, in the 2005–06 , under coach Greg Holst. They won the title after a dominant regular season, alongside EC Red Bull Salzburg. The two teams met each other in the finals as expected with VSV earning 4: 2 series win. A large influence in helping VSV earn the 2006 title were due to Dany Bousquet, who led the club and league in points with 47 goals and 86 points. His greatest success of the season was certainly the decisive goal in the deciding final match against Salzburg in overtime. Goalkeeper Gert Prohaska finished with a save percentage of 92.85%, a clear margin from second place in the league.

In the following season, on 20 February 2007 marked the end of the longest winning streak at 17 between Villach and rivals KAC in the Carinthian Hockey derby. EC KAC had not recorded a win in almost two years over their rivals.


Current roster[edit]

Updated August 22, 2016.[1]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
19 Austria Bacher, StefanStefan Bacher D L 28 2006 Wien, Austria
20 Austria Brunner, NicoNico Brunner D L 24 2012 Villach, Austria
72 Austria Herzog, LukasLukas Herzog G L 24 2012 Zell am See, Austria
51 Canada Hunter, EricEric Hunter C L 30 2014 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
28 Austria Jennes, ChristianChristian Jennes F L 20 2015 Villach, Austria
9 Canada Johner, DustinDustin Johner C R 34 2015 Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada
8 Finland Jokela, MikkoMikko Jokela D R 37 2016 Lappeenranta, Finland
55 Austria Kreuter, DavidDavid Kreuter D R 22 2014 Villach, Austria
37 Austria Kromp, ChristofChristof Kromp LW L 19 2015 Villach, Austria
7 Canada Labrecque, SamuelSamuel Labrecque D L 25 2016 Granby, Quebec, Canada
18 Austria Leiler, ValentinValentin Leiler LW L 22 2012 Villach, Austria
84 Canada Locke, CoreyCorey Locke C L 33 2016 Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
10 Canada McBride, BrockBrock McBride C L 30 2013 Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
93 Canada McGrath, EvanEvan McGrath C L 31 2016 Oakville, Ontario, Canada
77 Austria Mühlstein, FlorianFlorian Mühlstein D L 26 2015 Villach, Austria
16 Austria Nageler, DanielDaniel Nageler RW L 30 2012 St. Veit an der Glan, Austria
21 Austria Petrik, BenjaminBenjamin Petrik RW R 28 2005 Villach, Austria
39 Austria Platzer, PatrickPatrick Platzer C L 25 2009 Villach, Austria
35 Canada Roy, OlivierOlivier Roy G L 26 2016 Causapscal, Quebec, Canada
23 Austria Schlacher, MarkusMarkus Schlacher D R 29 2015 Villach, Austria
26 Slovenia Urbas, JanJan Urbas C L 28 2016 Ljubljana, Slovenia
91 Slovenia Verlič, MihaMiha Verlič C L 25 2015 Maribor, Slovenia
62 United States Wehrs, KevinKevin Wehrs D L 29 2016 Plymouth, Minnesota, United States
Head Coach Hannu Järvenpää
Asst. Coach Markus Peintner
Goalie Coach Markus Kerschbaumer

Championship teams[edit]

Title winning team of the 1991/92 season
Goaltenders Gus Morschauser (CAN), Gerhard Thomasser
Defensemen Jeff Geiger, Herbert Hohenberger, Engelbert Linder, Giuseppe Mion, Emanuel Viveiros, Günther Kilzer,
Forwards Christian Dolinar, Peter Floriantschitz, Kim Issel (CAN), Manfred Mühr, Günther Lanzinger, Wolfgang Kromp, Edward Lebler Peter Raffl, Helmut Petrik, Robert Wachter, Ken Strong, Alfie Turcotte (USA), Peter Rossbacher
Trainer Bart Crashley
Title winning team of the 1992/93 season
Goaltenders Gus Morschauser (CAN), Gerhard Thomasser
Defensemen Jeff Geiger, Herbert Hohenberger, Engelbert Linder, Giuseppe Mion, Emanuel Viveiros, Gerhard Unterluggauer, Günther Kilzer
Forwards Peter Floriantschitz, Kim Issel (CAN), Manfred Mühr, Günther Lanzinger, Wolfgang Kromp, Helmut Petrik Peter Raffl, Gerald Rauchenwald, Gerald Ressmann, Ken Strong, Alfie Turcotte (USA), Andreas Köstl
Trainer Ron Kennedy
Title winning team of the 1998/99 season
Goaltenders Mike O'Neill (ice hockey) (CAN), Gerhard Thomasser
Defensemen Gordon Donnelly (CAN), Herbert Hohenberger, Engelbert Linder, Brad Schlegel (CAN), Tom Searle, Gerhard Unterluggauer,
Forwards Chris Baxter (CAN), Gino Cavallini (CAN), Roland Kowalczyk, Günther Lanzinger, Wolfgang Kromp, Eric Murano (CAN), Marty Murray (CAN), Marco Pewal, Martin Pewal, Ray Podloski, Andreas Pusnik, Jean-Yves Roy (CAN), Kent Salfi, Roland Schurian
Trainer Ron Kennedy
Title winning team of the 2001/2002 season
Goaltenders Gert Prohaska, Markus Kerschbaumer
Defensemen Tom Searle, Mike Stewart, Mario Berger, Rene Wild, Robert Steinwender, Martin Oraze, Patrick Albl, Michael Mana, Stephan Hochenberger Herbert Hohenberger
Forwards Andreas Pusnik, Wolfgang Kromp, Kent Salfi, Günther Lanzinger, Roland Kaspitz, Stefan Wiedmaier, Rod Hinks (CAN), Winfried Rac, Martin Pewal, Peter Floriantschitz, Nikolas Petrik, Sandro Winkler, Philipp Pinter, Martin Leitner
Trainer Ron Kennedy
Title winning team of the 2005/2006 season
Goaltenders Gert Prohaska, Patrick Machreich
Defensemen Darrel Scoville (CAN), Mike Stewart, Paul Ullrich, David Slivnik, Alexander Neubauer, Martin Oraze, Mickey Elick (CAN), Thomas Pfeffer, Herbert Hohenberger
Forwards Thomas Raffl, Roland Kaspitz, Stefan Herzog, Daniel Nageler, Marc Brown (CAN), Nikolas Petrik, Günther Lanzinger, Daniel Gauthier (CAN), Wolfgang Kromp, Christoph Sivec, Stephané Roy (CAN, for injured Daniel Gauthier during Playoff), Markus Peintner, Markus Schlacher, Dany Bousquet (CAN), Andreas Judex
Trainer Greg Holst


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