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EDHEC Business School
Type Grande école
Established 1906 [1]
President Olivier Oger (Dean)
Academic staff
134 permanent faculty members and 810 adjunct faculty [2]
Students 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students [2]
Location Lille, France
Nice, France
Paris, France
London, England
Singapore [3]
Campus Urban
Website www.edhec.edu

EDHEC Business School, founded in 1906, is one of the leading French Grandes Écoles specialising in business and management. EDHEC Business School offers undergraduate, graduate, and executive education on its campuses in Lille (Main), Nice, Paris, London, and Singapore.[4] It has 6,000 students enrolled in traditional graduate and undergraduate programmes, 10,000 in executive programmes, and an alumni base of roughly 30,000.

EDHEC Business School is EQUIS accredited by the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Education), and AMBA accredited for the EDHEC MBA and Part-Time Executive MBAs programmes. It is also accredited by the AACSB and the French Conférence des grandes écoles.[4][5] In 2017, Financial Times ranked EDHEC #1 worldwide for Masters in Finance. [6] EDHEC is among just 1% of all business schools worldwide with triple accreditation from EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB. Of the 13,670 schools offering business degree programs worldwide, only 76 have triple accreditation as of April 2016.


In France, EDHEC Business School is recognized as a top-5 business school[7][8].

National rankings
Rankings 2016 2015 2014
Le Figaro[9] 5th 5th 5th
Le Parisien 5th[10] 4th[11] 4th[12]
Le Point[13] 5th 5th 5th
Le Monde ("Ranking of rankings") 5th[14] 5th[15] 5th[16]
Academic excellence 3rd[17] 3rd[18]
International excellence 2nd 2nd
Corporate relationships 4th 4th[19]

EDHEC Business School usually ranks #1 in France for the BBA program, and among the top schools in France and the world for its Master in Management, MSc, PhD, and Executive education programmes. [20]

In 2017, Financial Times ranked EDHEC Business School #1 globally for the Masters in Finance program [21], [22].

EDHEC MBA ranks #3 in France, #7 in Europe, and #24 globally. It also ranks #1 in France for "Open New Career Opportunities" (The Economist - 2016). [23] It also ranks #3 in the world for "Value for Money" (Financial Times - 2015).
EDHEC MBA ranks #1 for Entrepreneurship in Europe, #4 for 10-Year ROI in Europe, and #7 for Highest Post-MBA Salary in Europe (QS Top MBA)

EDHEC Business School ranks #1 worldwide for Masters in Finance program [24] and ranks #15 worldwide for Master in Management program.[25]

In the 2012 RePEc study, EDHEC Business School is ranked #1 in France for Research. EDHEC ranks #5 in Europe for average total compensation of its graduates [26]


EDHEC offers bachelor, Master in Management, Master of Science, and doctorate degrees in a variety of disciplines including finance, marketing, law and management. The school also has two Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programs, one is full-time and another is a part-time executive MBA. Advanced degrees are taught either wholly English or in a mixture French and English, while the bachelor's degree can be taken entirely in French or a mix of both, at the choice of each student.[27]


EDHEC Business School is involved in academic research and was recently cited as one of the premier school in France for financial and risk management research.

The EDHEC-Risk and Asset Management (RAM) centre produces hedge funds style indexes, which are similar in purpose to CSFB/Tremont indexes on its website. It publishes a return based style analysis ranking of European mutual funds with Europerformance. The EDHEC-RAM is sponsored by financial organizations such as Euronext, Lyxor AM and Eurex.

EDHEC conducts applied research in the following fields:

Finance: Created in 2001 this centre does research in asset management, most particularly in the organisation and improvement of risk management.

Accounting and financial analysis: Created in 2006, the EDHEC Financial Analysis and Accounting Research Centre works on the choice of discount rate in company valuation and in particular on the integration of systemic accounting risk.

Economics: Since February 2006, EDHEC has had an economics research team focused on public policy and state reform. This team works on four broad themes: financing and reform of the welfare state, labor policies and competition, evaluation of sovereign risk and optimal management of the public debt and European budgetary governance.

Legal: The Legal EDHEC Research Centre has Legal Performance and Company Competitiveness as a subtitle. At the heart of the Centre is the notion of legal performance and its variations.

EDHEC Alumni[edit]

The Edhec Alumni association unites over 30 000 graduates and future graduates present in 120 countries. The association has four main duties, namely to represent its members on EDHEC’s Board of Governors and Steering Committee, to serve as a link between the different EDHEC communities and generations, to provide assistance to alumni throughout their careers and to help develop and promote the School.

EDHEC alumni[edit]


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