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Estonian Educational and Research Network (EENet) is a governmental nonprofit organization established in August 1993 by the Ministry of Education of Estonia with the task of managing, coordinating and developing the computer network of science, education and culture. Since 1997 EENet operates as a state agency administered by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

In 1993 the whole network consisted of less than two hundred computers in Tartu and Tallinn. In the beginning of the year 2004 the number of end-users of Estonian academic network was approximately 210,000 people: researchers, students, teachers, pupils etc. The network extends to most counties in Estonia.

The mission of EENet is to provide a high quality national network infrastructure for the Estonian research, educational and cultural communities. The services of EENet include permanent Internet connection as well as several other services - webhosting, e-mail services, FTP, DNS, consultations in case of security problems, etc. Development projects are being carried out in cooperation with universities and institutes. In 2004 the project "Estonian GRID" (Eesti GRID) was started. EENet also participates in the BalticGrid-II project,[1] and manages the BalticGrid Portal, which is based on P-GRADE Portal technology.

EENet manages the Estonian top level domain (.ee).

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