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Emily "Emy" Storey (Born March 31, 1981) is a Montreal-based art director, graphic designer and illustrator. Born in Kinderhook, New York, Storey moved to Montreal to study Design Art at Concordia University,[1] where she received her Fine Arts degree in 2003. Storey's company,Storey Elementary,produces graphic and website design, develops logos, ads, promotional items, band merchandise and album art for clients that include Showtime, Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, Sanctuary Records, Vapor Records, Maverick Records and Superclose Music. Storey has also designed limited edition shoes for DC Shoes and Macbeth Footwear.[2] Storey has worked with several non-profit organizations as an organizer and as a graphic designer. She is co-founder of Revel and Riot, an LGBT organization.[3]

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