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The EFAF Euro Top 20 is the official EFAF ranking system for American Football club teams in Europe.

The list considers only those teams playing in an EFAF member country, and competing in one of the official EFAF international competitions (European Football League, EFAF Cup, EFAF Challenge Cup or EFAF Atlantic Cup).

The list is updated after every weekend of European competition, or at least every two weeks, during the EFAF competition period of April to July.

EFAF Euro Top 20[edit]

Accurate as of June 20th 2013.[1]

1 Austria Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna
2 Austria Swarco Raiders Tirol
3 Switzerland Calanda Broncos
4 Germany Berlin Adler
5 Germany Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns
6 Austria JCL Graz Giants
7 Finland Helsinki Roosters
8 Denmark Søllerød Gold Diggers
9 Finland Helsinki Wolverines
10 France Thonon Black Panthers
11 Spain L'Hospitalet Pioners
12 France Nice Dauphins
13 Denmark Copenhagen Towers
14 United Kingdom London Blitz
15 Czech Republic Prague Panthers
16 France Amiens Spartiates
17 Spain Badalona Dracs
18 Netherlands Alphen Eagles
19 Belgium Brussels Tigers
20 Northern Ireland Belfast Trojans


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