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EFG International AG
Traded as SIXEFGN
Industry Financial Services
Founded 1995 (1995)
Headquarters Zürich, Switzerland
Area served
Key people
Niccolò H. Burki (Chairman)
Joachim H. Strahle (CEO)
Products Private banking
Revenue IncreaseCHF 12.161 billion (2015)[1]
IncreaseCHF 1.542 billion (2015)[2]
IncreaseCHF 1.177 billion (2015)[3]
AUM IncreaseCHF 94.196 billion (2015)[4]
Total assets IncreaseCHF 35.344 billion (2015)[5]
Total equity IncreaseCHF 7.175 billion (2015)[6]
Owner Latsis Group (54.3%)[7]
Number of employees
Increase6.058 (2015)[8]
Parent EFG Bank European Financial Group
Website EFG International

EFG International is a multinational Swiss private banking group offering private banking and asset management services, headquartered in Zurich. EFG International's group of private banking businesses currently operates in around 45 locations worldwide, with about 12,000 employees.


EFG (European Financial Group) International was formed in 1995 by Jean Pierre Cuoni and Lawrence D. Howell, and five others. The genesis of the bank was by the acquisitions of both the right to operate from the Zurich office of Banque de Deposits and the Swiss operations of the Royal Bank of Scotland.[9]


EFG International's largest shareholder is EFG Bank European Financial Group, a Swiss bank based in Geneva, holding about 56% of its capital. This is in turn a distinct and separate sub-group of EFG Group, based in Luxembourg. In addition, a significant stake is held by leadership, management and Client Relationship Officers.

EFG Bank is EFG International’s main Swiss private banking subsidiary. EFG Bank is headquartered in Zurich, and has branches and representative offices across Europe, Asia and the Americas. EFG International has a number of other private banking subsidiaries including EFG Private Bank Limited in the UK and EFG Capital in the US.


The family's largest holding is its EFG Bank European Financial Group in Luxembourg, a private banking group that operates in many jurisdictions. The Group holds over 50% of EFG International listed in Switzerland on the Zurich Stock Exchange, which is a global private banking group offering private banking and asset management services. EFGI's group of private banking businesses operates in around 30 locations worldwide, with 2,059 employees and manages CHF93.5bn of client assets as at 31 December 2014.[10]

Financial performance as at end 2014:

  • Operating income: CHF 716.6 million.
  • IFRS net profit: CHF 61.4 million.
  • Revenue-generating clients' Assets under Management: CHF 93.5 billion.

Executive committee[edit]

  • Joachim Straehle, Chief Executive Officer.
  • Giorgio Pradelli, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mark Bagnall, Chief Operating Officer.
  • Fred Link, Chief Risk Officer.
  • James T. H. Lee, Head of Investment Solutions.

[11] All facts are taken from EFG's Annual Report 2012


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