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eFileCabinet, Inc.
Industry document management software, enterprise content management
Founded 2001
Headquarters Lehi, Utah
Key people
Benoy Tamang, President
Products eFileCabinet Online 2016
eFileCabinet On-Premise 2016
SecureDrawer Web Portal
eFileCabinet SideKick
Enterprise Access
Website www.efilecabinet.com

eFileCabinet is a company headquartered in Lehi, Utah, selling proprietary software to manage and store documents, content, and records, either on-site or in the cloud.[1]

It was founded in 2001 by James Blaylock to serve clients in the accounting industry where Blaylock worked before founding the company. It has since expanded to service many other industries,[2] including construction, banking, healthcare, insurance, law, manufacturing, retail, oil & gas, transportation, and education. As of January 2016, eFileCabinet had over 160,000 users.[3]


eFileCabinet software began as an internal product designed to store digital records at founder James Blaylock's accounting firm.[2] Word spread about Blaylock's new software, generating demand for the software among other accounting firms. In response to this demand, Blaylock founded eFileCabinet in 2001 to build upon, improve, and market the software.[4]

On July 21, 2007, Matt Peterson replaced James Blaylock as president and CEO of the company. Peterson had served as chief operating officer since joining the company in January 2007. Blaylock moved to serve as chairman of the board.[5]

In 2008, eFileCabinet received $1 million in venture capital from Canopy Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm. This allowed eFileCabinet to expand from servicing only accounting firms to various other industries, including government, healthcare, finance, and insurance.[6] After seven years of stable growth, eFileCabinet received $11.05 million in Series A venture capital funding from BYU Cougar Capital in May 2015.[7] The following month, the company received a combined $14 million in Series B venture capital funding from Palo Alto, Calif.-based venture capital firm, Allegis Capital and Signal Peak Ventures in Salt Lake City, Utah, bringing the company's total funding to $26.05 million.[8] eFileCabinet has since used this funding to roll-out new products like the eFileCabinet SideKick, revamp existing products, and enter the enterprise content management (ECM) vendor space.


eFileCabinet provides a suite of proprietary software products and services in the form of document management, creating a paperless office environment that reduces organizations' environmental footprint, increases efficiency, and simplifies compliance. The paperless office eFileCabinet enables is typically viewed as an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective alternative for businesses.[9]

In 2016, eFileCabinet opted out of Microsoft Silverlight as its framework of choice for its products, using HTML 5 instead to increase integration with the company's web sharing portal, SecureDrawer, and other third-party software like sage, foxit, caselle, and QuickBooks. eFileCabinet also released the SideKick in 2016: A product designed to bridge the gap between the typical desktop and eFileCabinet software. eFileCabinet also released an updated version of Enterprise Access (a satellite/remote access tool for larger organizations), and zonal optical character recognition (OCR), which enables users to scan and read specific portions of documents. eFileCabinet also released software in 2016 that is Mac OS X compatible.[10] Below is a list of the three main products, including their main functions:

1) eFileCabinet Desktop 2016: An on-premise document management solution

2) eFileCabinet Online 2016: A cloud-based document management solution

3) SecureDrawer: A web and client sharing portal for exchanging sensitive information

4) The eFileCabinet SideKick: A connector of eFileCabinet software and the desktop that comes with a computer's operating system

5) Enterprise Access: A satellite/remote access tool for organizations with multiple branches, and or office locations

Awards and reception[edit]

In 2016 eFileCabinet maintained its #1 rank on Capterra's Top 20 most popular document management software vendors.[11]

eFileCabinet received the 2016 Verified Quality Seal from Finances Online in September 2016.[12]

eFileCabinet received the 2016 Great User Experience Award from Finances Online in September 2016.[12]

The company received the 2016 Expert's Choice Award from Finances Online in September 2016.[12]

eFileCabinet received the 2016 Supreme Software Award from Finances Online in September 2016.[12]

The company received the 2016 Exceptional Customer Support Award from Finances Online in September 2016.[12]

The company received 3 CPA Practice Advisor awards in 2016.[13]

In 2014, eFileCabinet received the best technical support award from K2 Enterprises. [14]

eFileCabinet's software solutions are currently ranked #1 on CrowdReviews.com: A technology buyers guide based on client reviews.[15]

eFileCabinet received the 2012 Reader's Choice Award in CPA Practice Advisor for client portals, document management, and workflow tools in 2012.[16]

The company won a CPA Practice Advisor Readers' Choice award in 2012 for the cloud version of their proprietary software that released in 2011.[17]

In 2013, 2014, and 2015 the Mountain West Capital Network listed eFileCabinet as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Utah.[18][19][20]

eFileCabinet received a mention from Network World.com as product of the week in January 2016.[21]

The company has also been named to the Fastest Growing Companies list by Utah Valley Business Magazine in 2015,[22] 2014[23] and 2013.[24]

Chal Daniels of Harvest Financial LLC said in an article for Investment News that he appreciates how easy eFileCabinet's software is to use, its intuitive nature, and the fact that it is relatively inexpensive compared to other document management solutions.[25]

Utah Valley 360 listed eFileCabinet as one of the top 30 fastest growing companies in 2014.[26]

In 2013 and 2014, Inc. listed eFileCabinet as one of the fastest growing private companies in America.[27]

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