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Filename extension
Type of formatCompressed archive

The EGG file format is a compressed archive file format that supports Unicode and intelligent compression algorithms. EGG format is created by ESTsoft and was first applied in their file compression software ALZip.

The filename extension used by EGG is .egg . If an EGG archive is split into multiple smaller files, those files use the .egg extension by placing .volX (X for sequence number starting from 1) ahead of it, i.e. .vol1.egg, .vol2.egg, .vol3.egg and so on.


The EGG format supports the following features:

  • Store file names in Unicode
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Support for solid compression option to decide the best compression method, that is, analyzes the files to be compressed then chooses whether to compress faster or to prioritize on compression ratio
  • Unlimited number of splitting into smaller pieces of archives

According to the licensing policy from ESTsoft, the EGG package includes source from zlib, bzip2, and lzma.[1]



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