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EG is a magazine which publishes endgame studies and discusses various aspects of the endgame in chess. The letters "EG" signify "End Game" and also the Latin phrase exempli gratia.[1] While many chess magazines include sections for endgame studies, EG is unique for its exclusive focus.


The magazine was founded by The Chess Endgame Study Circle, a group that formed on March 16, 1965. The eleven members included Robert Wade, Hugh Blandford, and John Roycroft, an endgame composer and enthusiast.[1] Roycroft was the magazine's publisher for the first 102 issues, from July 1965 until 1991. Since then the Dutch company Alexander Rueb Vereniging voor Schaakeindspelstudie (ARVES) has been the publisher, but Roycroft stayed as editor-in-chief for some time thereafter. The current editor-in-chief is Harold van der Heijden.


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