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EHC Red Bull München
Club crest
Full name

EHC Red Bull München GmbH 2013–

  • EHC München 2003–
  • EHC München Spielbetriebs GmbH 2004–2012
  • HC München 98 1998–2003
Founded 1998
Based in Munich, Bavaria
Arena Olympia Eishalle
(capacity: 6,256)

DEL 2010–

Team colors                    
GM Christian Winkler
Head coach Pierre Pagé
Captain Felix Petermann (home)

Eishockeyclub Red Bull München (or EHC Red Bull München; English: Munich Ice Hockey Club) is a professional ice hockey team based in Munich, Germany that currently plays in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga.


After the establishment of the club Eishockeyclub HC München 1998 on January 19, 1998, HC Munich began play in the Bezirksliga, where they won the district championship.

The club quickly moved up the ranks in German hockey in their first decade, winning league titles in both the Bayernliga. In 2003 the club changed its name to Eishockeyclub München. After getting promoted in 2003 from the Bavarian League to the Oberliga, the senior team was outsourced from the club to the EHC München Spielbetriebs GmbH in 2004. The club gained promotion to the 2.Bundesliga, whose championship they won in 2010.

By July 2010, EHC München had earned promotion into Germany's top league, the DEL.[1] Furthermore, the club managed to reach the playoffs in its first season in the DEL. After financial problems the team got a new sponsor in 2012 and was renamed EHC Red Bull München. Since May 1, 2013, the company and the team have been owned by Red Bull GmbH and the company was renamed EHC Red Bull München GmbH




Current Roster[edit]

Updated December 2, 2014.[2]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
92 Germany Barta, AlexAlex Barta (A) C R 32 2013 Berlin, Germany
55 Germany Bender, TimTim Bender D L 20 2013 Mannheim, Germany
6 Germany Boyle, DarylDaryl Boyle D R 28 2014 Sparwood, British Columbia, Canada
47 Canada Brophey, EvanEvan Brophey Injured Reserve C L 28 2014 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
20 Germany Brückner, BenediktBenedikt Brückner D L 25 2013 Marktoberdorf, Germany
12 Denmark Christensen, MadsMads Christensen LW/C L 28 2014 Herning, Denmark
2 United States Dehner, JeremyJeremy Dehner Injured Reserve D L 28 2014 Madison, Wisconsin, USA
14 United States DiSalvatore, JonJon DiSalvatore Injured Reserve W R 34 2014 Bangor, Maine, USA
51 France Hardy, FlorianFlorian Hardy G L 30 2014 Nantes, France
38 Germany Holzmann, ThomasThomas Holzmann LW L 27 2013 Buchloe, Germany
21 Germany Kahún, DominikDominik Kahún RW/C L 20 2014 Planá, Czech Republic
69 Germany Kettemer, FlorianFlorian Kettemer D L 29 2014 Kaufbeuren, Germany
25 United States Lewis, GrantGrant Lewis Injured Reserve D R 30 2013 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
77 Germany Maurer, UliUli Maurer LW L 30 2010 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
44 United States Meckler, DavidDavid Meckler C R 27 2014 Highland Park, Illinois, USA
23 Germany Merl, ThomasThomas Merl RW L 23 2013 Bad Tölz, Germany
39 Germany Méthot, FrançoisFrançois Méthot C/LW R 37 2014 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
43 Germany Petermann, FelixFelix Petermann Injured Reserve D L 31 2010 Füssen, Germany
49 Canada Regehr, RichieRichie Regehr (A) D R 32 2014 Bandung, Indonesia
15 Germany Ritter, ToniToni Ritter LW L 25 2012 Bad Muskau, Germany
9 United States Roe, GarrettGarrett Roe C L 27 2014 Vienna, Virginia, USA
36 Germany Seidenberg, YannicYannic Seidenberg LW L 31 2013 Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany
27 United States Smaby, MattMatt Smaby D L 30 2013 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
40 Germany Sparre, DanielDaniel Sparre RW L 30 2013 Brampton, Ontario, Canada
31 Germany Treutle, NiklasNiklas Treutle G L 24 2013 Nuremberg, Germany
13 Germany Wolf, MichaelMichael Wolf (C) RW R 34 2014 Ehenbichl, Austria
37 United States Wozniewski, AndyAndy Wozniewski (A) D L 35 2013 Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA


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