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eHealth Technologies
Private Company
IndustryHealthcare technology
Founded2006 (2006) in Rochester, New York, USA
HeadquartersWest Henrietta, New York, USA
Key people
Ken Rosenfeld (CEO)
Jeff Markin (COO)
Scott Mulcahy (CFO)
Gary Larson (Executive VP, General Manager, HIE Solutions)
Chad Malone (CSO)
Michael Sciortino (Chief General Counsel and Privacy Officer)
Belimar Velazquez (Marketing VP)
Michelle Halloran (Human Resources and Corporate Compliance VP)
Number of employees

eHealth Technologies, Inc. (eHGT) Founded in 2006, eHealth Technologies collects patient medical records and images in a variety of formats which are then made available to providers and clinicians in a unified digital format.[1]


Michael J. Margiotta founded National Digital Health Solutions, the predecessor to eHealth Technologies, Inc. in 2005.[2] In 2014, Ken Rosenfeld was appointed CEO.

Products and Services[edit]

eHealth Connect Intelligent Health Record Aggregation: eHealth Technologies uses its physician network and smart software to pull together a complete integrated medical record, including progress notes, labs, pathology, and images, with salient terms highlighted for patient referred into a medical facility. The intelligent clinical organization and indexing service ensures that the records are organized based upon the doctor’s clinical specialty, with key clinical keywords and phrases highlighted and hyperlinked. The clinicians by reducing the amount it takes to review external records.[citation needed]

As of 2016, the company helped 15,000 patients a month have a smoother intake process and receive better care when they are referred to a specialist. This is accomplished by sharing over 11 million pages of medical records annually and by reaching out to almost 300,000 healthcare locations. This number of locations reflects an increase of 54% in December 2015 versus December 2014. The company also indexed over 270,000 pages per month, a 202% increase in December 2015 versus December 2014.[citation needed]

eHealth Connect Image Exchange for HIEs: This service provides authorized clinicians immediate access to full-resolution diagnostic-quality images at any time, from anywhere they are needed through the HIE. Medical images are collected and merged into the Exchange, allowing authorized clinicians access to a comprehensive patient medical history remotely.[3] As of 2016, the company shares over 900 million images annually. Imaging is a huge component of healthcare costs, and no patient needs to be exposed to excessive radiation from exams like CT Scans. Having all patient images available with a single click, regardless of where those exams were performed, ensures that patients do not have to undergo unnecessary repeat imaging.[citation needed]

eHealth Connect Clinical Referral Coordination: This software interface helps establish a secure communication with referring physicians to capture referral data such as patient demographics and medical records during the intake process.[citation needed]

eHealth Connect Referral Analytics: This interactive and actionable dashboard[clarification needed] captures referral data allowing healthcare facilities to engage the referral network and make informed strategic decisions about referral patterns.[citation needed]


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