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This article is about a text editor. For the graffiti artist, see Ben Eine. For other uses, see Eine.
"Eine" can also be a misspelled reference to the word ein.

EINE (a recursive acronym standing for "EINE Is Not Emacs") was the Emacs text editor for Lisp machines. It was developed by Daniel Weinreb and Mike McMahon in the late 1970s, with a command set the same as the original Emacs written in TECO by Richard Stallman. It would later be developed into ZWEI ( "ZWEI Was Eine Initially"), which itself would eventually become Symbolics' Zmacs (integrated into Symbolics' development for their Lisp machines, Genera). It was the second Emacs written, and the first to be written in Lisp.


Given its successor ZWEI whose name can be understood as German for "two", "EINE" could be (re-) interpreted as being German for female adjectival "one" as in "one implementation" (but not for the number name "one" as in "this is implementation one" which would be "eins" in German).


  • Daniel L. Weinreb, "A Real-Time Display-oriented Editor for the LISP Machine". Undergraduate thesis, MIT EECS Department, January 1979.

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