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Canback Consulting
IndustryManagement consulting
FounderStaffan Canback, Justin Dangel
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Key people
Staffan Canback, Managing Director; Jon Mayes, Arshad Abba, Ying Li, Vice Presidents
ProductsManagement consulting services

Canback Consulting (an independent business unit of Economist Group) was a global management consulting firm headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. The firm provided advisory services for senior management of global corporations.

Practices are strategy, M&A due diligence, sources growth, corporate finance, and organizational performance.

The firm also publishes insights on management, M&A[1] and statistics.[2] Dr Canback's paper on "The Logic of Management Consulting"[3] has been cited by 136 articles for its theories on the industry.

Offices are located in Boston, Chicago, Mexico City, London, Johannesburg, Beijing, Shanghai, and Jakarta.[4]


Canback was founded in 2004 under the name Canback Dangel by Dr. Staffan Canback, a Harvard Business School alumnus and former partner at McKinsey & Co. and Monitor Company; and Justin Dangel, a venture capitalist and entrepreneur[5] The name was later changed to Canback & Company, and it operated under this title until its acquisition by The Economist Group through its Economist Intelligence Unit subsidiary in July 2015.[6] The firm closed down its operations in July 2020. [7]

Services and clients[edit]

Canback offers management consulting to global companies and private equity firms. The firm has five practices: Strategy, M&A Due Diligence, Sources of Growth, Corporate Finance, and Organizational Performance.[citation needed]

Clients are global companies mainly within sectors: Consumer Goods, Tech & Media, Retail, Industrials, and Financial Services.


Canback has since its founding worked on the ground in 89 countries. A particular expertise in emerging countries.[8]

The geographic project split is: Global 24% Latin America 29%; Africa 23%, Europe 9%; Asia 8%; North America 7%.


Canback employees are mainly recruited directly from premier universities including Harvard, MIT, Yale, Tufts, Dartmouth, University of Cape Town, and Boston University.[citation needed] The firm favors candidates with exceptional quantitative skills.[citation needed]

Canback Global Income Distribution Database (C-GIDD)[edit]

In addition to consulting, Canback built and runs a worldwide database with comprehensive GDP and household income data – the Canback Global Income Distribution Database (C-GIDD)[9] – covering 213 countries divided into 697 sub-divisions and 997 cities as of October 2018. It includes historical data and projections 2002 - 2027 and national-level data 1970 - 2038. The database also provides a breakdown by socioeconomic level as defined by AMAI. C-GIDD is available as a subscription service.[10]

C-GIDD uses hundreds of sources including global bodies like the UN and IMF, national statistics agencies, and sub-national statistic agencies within larger countries.[citation needed]

The C-GIDD database also powers the EIU's Market Explorer, an online tool for forecasting target markets across countries and cities.[11]