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Ei Niš
Joint-stock company
Industry Electronics
Fate Bankruptcy procedure
Founded 21 June 1991; 27 years ago (1991-06-21) (Current form)
First founded in 1948
Headquarters Niš, Serbia
Key people
Predrag Kosovac (Trustee)
Products Röntgen machines, acoustic equipment, electronic machine elements
Number of employees
1 (2016)
Website www.eicorp.rs

EI Niš (full legal name: Holding-Korporacija Elektronska industrija a.d. Niš) or Electronics Industry Niš, is a holding company with headquarters in Niš, Serbia. It declared bankruptcy in May 2016.[1]

It originated in 1948 from the foundation of the Institute for the Production of Radio Sets and Roentgen Machines, "RR Niš." In 1970-s and 1980-s it was one of the greatest Yugoslavian companies employing over 10 thousand people.[2] However, during the 1990-s most of the company business collapsed, due to lack of investing in research and sanctions the country was facing.

During the 2000-s, the company manufactured acoustic equipment, electronic tubes including cathode-ray tubes, printed plates, electronic machine elements, hydraulics, pneumatics, appliances, air-conditioners, medical equipment, roentgen machines, TV sets, radio receivers, and semiconductors. It was one of the few remaining makers of electronic vacuum tubes.

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