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ELM 2248 MF-STAR radar onboard INS Kolkata (D63) of the Indian Navy.png
EL/M-2248 MF-STAR onboard a Kolkata class destroyer of the Indian Navy
Country of originIsrael
TypeSolid-state Multifunction Naval AESA radar
FrequencyS band [1]
RangeAutomatic track initiation at
250 km (135 nm) to 450 km (280 nm) for high altitude fighter size aircraft.
25+ km (13.5+ nm) against sea skimming missiles.[1]
Elevation-20° to +85° [1]
EL/M-2248 MF-STAR atop INS Lahav of the Israeli Navy

The EL/M-2248 MF-STAR is a multifunction active electronically scanned array naval radar system developed by IAI Elta for maritime installation on warships. It is capable of tracking both air and surface targets and providing fire control guidance. MF-STAR is an acronym of Multi-Function Surveillance, Track And Guidance Radar.[2]

Design and description[edit]

The EL/M-2248 MF-STAR is a multifunction solid state Active electronically scanned array radar developed for a new generation of naval platforms. The radar system is made up of 4 active arrays operating in the S-band, each of the 4 arrays is positioned in one direction. The radar employs multi-beam and pulse Doppler techniques as-well-as robust Electronic counter-countermeasures techniques to extract low radar cross-section targets from complex clutter and jamming environments. AESA radars provide a low probability of intercept of emitted signals and help the ships remain stealthy. Weighing only seven tons the system can be installed on smaller vessels of Corvette size and above.[3]

The MF-STAR is capable of tracking both air and surface targets and can track hundreds of targets simultaneously with a very fast refresh rate. It is capable of providing guidance illumination and mid course updates to both active and semi active Surface-to-air missiles and Anti-ship missiles, with multiple simultaneous engagement capability. It is also capable of automatic splash detection and correction for naval gunnery support.

While targets are tracked at long range threats are automatically recognized at medium range and Automatic track initiation takes place. Sea skimming attacking missile are tracked at >25 km while High flying fighter aircraft are automatically tracked at >250 km.[1]

Performance and Parameters[edit]

Parameters Corvette Version Frigate Version
Range >250 km >450 km
Azimuth coverage 360o 360o
Elevation coverage -20o to +85o -20o to +85o
Weight above deck 500 kg per face 2000 kg per face
Weight below deck 1300 kg 4000 kg
Antenna size 1x2 m 3x3 m




 South Korea

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