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Tournament details
Host countryNorth Cyprus
Dates19 November – 25 November
Venue(s)1 (in 1 host city)
Final positions
Champions Northern Cyprus (1st title)
Runners-up Crimea
Third place Kyrgyzstan
Fourth place Zanzibar
Tournament statistics
Matches played16
Goals scored62 (3.88 per match)
Top scorer(s)Northern Cyprus Ertaç Taşkıran
(6 goals)

The ELF Cup (Equality, Liberty, Fraternity) was an international football tournament organised by the Cyprus Turkish Football Federation (KTFF), a member of the NF-Board. It was played only once in 2006. Among the participants were NF-Board teams, and FIFA member teams from the Asian Football Confederation.

ELF Cup 2006[edit]

The 2006 ELF Cup took place in the North Cyprus between November 19 and 25. Initially announced for non-FIFA teams only, the 2006 tournament also found places for three teams from the Asian Football Confederation - Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. However, under pressure from FIFA,[1] Afghanistan withdrew from the tournament and was replaced by Gǎgǎuzia. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan sent representatives from their futsal national teams.[citation needed]


Initially, it was announced that the North Cyprus were to hold the inaugural VIVA World Cup tournament, organised by the NF-Board as a bi-annual competition for the best non-FIFA nations. However, a dispute between the NF-Board and a new regime at the KTFF led to the tournament being taken away and granted to Occitania. The NF-Board claimed that the new government of the North Cyprus insisted on restricting which nations could and could not take part. The KTFF, however, claimed that the NF-Board made unreasonable financial demands.[2]

In response, the KTFF announced that the ELF Cup would be held at the same time as the VIVA World Cup, and have promised to pay travelling expenses to the participants, which has attracted some NF-Board members. The KTFF hope that the tournament will bring North Cyprus further into the international arena.[3]



The eight participants were drawn into two groups of four, with the top two from each group progressing to the knockout stage. For details of the squads, see 2006 ELF Cup Squads.

Group A[edit]

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
 Kyrgyzstan 3 2 0 1 7 2 +5 6
 Zanzibar 3 1 2 0 3 2 +1 5
 Greenland 3 1 1 1 3 2 +1 4
 Găgăuzia 3 0 1 2 2 9 –7 1

Găgăuzia 0–2 Greenland
Kristian Sandgreen Goal 33'
Niklas Kreutzmann Goal 68' (pen.)
Referee: Fahim Dayı (TRNC)

Kyrgyzstan 0–1 Zanzibar
Suleiman Kassim Suleiman Goal 9'
Referee: Aziz Dayı (TRNC)

Găgăuzia 1–6 Kyrgyzstan
Marcov Goal 31' Jenish Mamatov Goal 14'37'
Dilshat Kadyrov Goal 19'
Mihail Sundeev Goal 65'90'
Ulan Ryskulov Goal 75'

Greenland 1–1 Zanzibar
Pelle Mortensen Goal 78' Omar Goal 62'

Greenland 0–1 Kyrgyzstan
Vadim Kondratkov Goal 24'
Referee: Cevdet Mertkaya (TRNC)

Găgăuzia 1–1 Zanzibar
Denis Ceavdari Goal 79' Muhammed Seif Muhammed Goal 76'
Referee: Alkın Gedikoğlu (TRNC)

Group B[edit]

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
 Northern Cyprus 3 3 0 0 20 1 +19 9
 Crimea 3 2 0 1 3 6 –3 6
 Tajikistan 3 1 0 2 5 7 –2 3
 Tibet 3 0 0 3 0 14 –14 0

Tibet 0–3 Tajikistan
Daler Aknazarov Goal 59'67'
Firdavs Faizullaev Goal 65'
Referee: Abdullah Özsusuzlu (TRNC)

Crimea 0–5 Northern Cyprus
Hamis Çakır Goal 16'
Ertaç Taşkıran Goal 45'
Rizvan Ablitarov Goal 65' (o.g.)
Kemal Uçaner Goal 78'
Ekrem Keleşzade Goal 87'
Referee: Mehmet Malek (TRNC)

Tibet 0–1 Crimea
Arsen Ablâmetov Goal 41' (pen.)
Referee: Ulus Sediral (TRNC)

Northern Cyprus 5–1 Tajikistan
Derviş Kolcu Goal 34'54'
Kemal Uçaner Goal 65'90+1'
Coşkun Ulusoy Goal 71'
Daler Aknazarov Goal 12'
Referee: Serkan Şimşek (TRNC)

Tajikistan 1–2 Crimea
Sergey Almukhamedov Goal 45' İrfan Ametov Goal 36'
Halil Hayredinov Goal 87'

Northern Cyprus 10–0 Tibet
Hamis Çakır Goal 13'30'37'
Ediz Çukurovalı Goal 14'24'43'
Sabri Selden Goal 17'29'
Atkun Arıkbuka Goal 54'
Yasin Kansu Goal 77'


Kyrgyzstan 2–3 (a.e.t.) Crimea
Mihail Sundeev Goal 90+2'
Arsen Mustafayev Goal 102'
Ruslan Emiratlı Goal 18'
Arsen Ablâmetov Goal 94' (pen.)
Marlen Akimov Goal 97'
Referee: Mehmet Özbilgehan (TRNC)

Northern Cyprus 5–0 Zanzibar
Ertaç Taşkıran Goal 24'34'47'83'
Coşkun Ulusoy Goal 59'
Referee: Savaş Tilki (TRNC)

3rd Place Playoff[edit]

Kyrgyzstan 2–2
(7–6 PSO)
Jenish Mamatov Goal 55'
Ulan Riskulov Goal 65'
Muhammed Seif Muhammed Goal 28'47'


Northern Cyprus 3–1 Crimea
Hamis Çakır Goal 1'
Hasan Sapsızoğlu Goal 46'
Ertaç Taşkıran Goal 55'
Marlen Akimov Goal 90+3'

2006 ELF Cup Winners
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
North Cyprus
First Title

Golden Team[edit]

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards

Northern Cyprus Hasan Piro

Greenland Teller Mortensen
Tajikistan Eller Aknazarov
Northern Cyprus Hüseyin Amcaoğlu
Northern Cyprus Serhan Önet

Kyrgyzstan Ulan Riskulov
Northern Cyprus Hamis Çakır
Northern Cyprus Derviş Kolcu
Zanzibar Sale Juma

Northern Cyprus Ertaç Taşkıran
Zanzibar Muhammed Seyf Muhammed




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