ELO – Total Rock Review

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ELO – Total Rock Review
ELO Total rock DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Video by Electric Light Orchestra
Released 2006 (DVD)
Genre Rock
Label Image Entertainment
Electric Light Orchestra chronology
Zoom Tour Live
(2001)Zoom Tour Live2001
ELO – Total Rock Review
In Performance
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ELO – Total Rock Review is a Band biography DVD released in 2006 regarding the founding of Electric Light Orchestra.

The Independent biography traces the foundations of the band through its metamorphosis from The Move in 1970 and later to the point where Roy Wood quit the group leaving Jeff Lynne to steer the band in to worldwide stardom. Narrated throughout by a team of music journalists and musicians. Also included are a bonus live set filmed in 1972 originally called Granada's Set of Six and features four of the six songs, These songs are the only known live original Roy Wood ELO tracks ever filmed.

The DVD was originally released in 2005 under the title Inside the Electric Light Orchestra 1970–1973 minus the bonus live tracks.

Band Lineup[edit]

Included in the bonus live set, The original ELO touring band were filmed by Granada Television in 1972 and it is the only known footage of their debut tour line-up in existence.


Main feature
Critical review

Bonus Live set featuring

  1. "Queen of the Hours"
  2. "Jeff's Boogie No 2"
  3. "Whisper in the Night"
  4. "Great Balls of Fire"

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