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Constantin Medien AG
Traded asFWBEV4
HeadquartersIsmaning, Germany
Key people
Bernhard Burgener (CEO)
Revenue€470.3 million (2010)

Constantin Medien AG (formerly EM.Entertainment and EM.TV & Merchandising AG, then EM.TV AG, and finally media ag) is a German media group, based in Ismaning near Munich, active in the area of sports, film and event marketing to medium-sized media companies.

As an independent player in the German media market, the Group operates independently and is not attached to the large media groups. Founded by Thomas Haffa, after the fallout from the dot-com bubble and reorganisation, the company has grown through acquisition. In 2007 it purchased a stake in the Swiss media company Highlight Communications AG, which in 2008 was increased gradually to 47.3%. The former name "EM.TV" stands for "Entertainment, Merchandising, TV."


  • EM.TV was founded by Thomas Haffa.
  • 1997 - EM.TV went public and started to expand in various businesses.
  • 1996 - The company created Junior, a company and TV channel that held licenses to most of the animated TV shows in the library of the KirchGruppe, the Media Group of Leo Kirch, where Thomas Haffa started his career.
  • 1999 - EM.TV acquired TMG (Tele München Gruppe).
  • 1999 - Junior sets up a home video company called Planet Junior. The company then expands into Spain and Italy.
  • 2000 - In February, EM.TV buys The Jim Henson Company for $680 million.
  • 2000 - When EM.TV's market capitalization was about €10 billion, the company acquired the Jim Henson Company and 50% of SLEC Ltd., the holding company of the famous Formula One racing series. Because of an option to purchase another 25% of SLEC Ltd. from Bernie Ecclestone for 1 Billion EUR, EM.TV had problems funding the transaction via the capital markets.
  • Between late 2000, when the company reported incorrect quarterly results, and 2002, EM.TV's stock fell from its price of €120 EUR to penny stock status.
  • 2001 - In September, Werner Klatten, the former CEO of Sat.1, became the new CEO of EM.TV. He restructured the company, announced that he would sell: SLEC holding (via Gerhard Gribkowsky); Jim Henson Company; and TMG; and directed the purchase of DSF, a German sports TV station. During the restructuring, the bondholders of a 1999-issued €400 million bond got nearly 60% in company stock in exchange for their bonds.
  • 2003 - In July, The Jim Henson Company was purchased by the Henson family again from EM.TV for $78 million.
  • 2008 - company changed name to media ag. Studio 100 acquires the children's catalogue of EM.TV for €41 million.[1]
  • 2009 - company changed name to Constantin Medien AG


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