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EMCO ehf.
Industry Software
Founded Reykjavik, Iceland (2001 (2001))
Headquarters Reykjavik, Iceland
Products Remote Deployment Software, Network Monitoring Software, Free Software
Website emcosoftware.com

EMCO is a software development company founded in 2001 and headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland. It develops network management software used for automation of remote administration, network audit, remote software deployment, network monitoring, permissions audit and power management tasks in corporate networks.[1] In addition to commercial products, the company also offers a set of freeware utilities for system management and network administration.[2]


EMCO provides commercial solutions and freeware tools for automation of network administration tasks and remote management of Windows computers. The company products are implemented as Windows desktop applications with a graphical user interface. They are designed to be installed on servers or administrator desktops and used for centralized network management. The IT staff working with those applications must have an administrative access to the network computers in order to manage them remotely. EMCO products rely on the Microsoft network infrastructure to perform remote management operations, thus allowing management of computers within a local network only. Remote management access to computers via the Internet is not provided.

Free Software[edit]

The company offers multiple freeware tools and utilities that can be used for automation of several typical network management tasks and system problems troubleshooting. Free network applications are designed for network administrators who need to collect information or perform certain operations with remote computers. Free system utilities can be used by IT administration staff and by individual users to resolve a number of problems with personal computers.

EMCO MAC Address Scanner
This is a network scanning tool that allows collecting MAC addresses from computers located in the local network and export the collected information to a file.[3][4]
EMCO MoveOnBoot
This is a system utility that allows configuring standard Windows features for managing selected files on system restart. It can be used to move, delete and rename locked files.[5][6]
EMCO Network Software Scanner
This is a network tool that allows scanning Windows PCs, located in the local network, to collect information about software applications and updates installed on them.[7]
EMCO Remote Console
This is a console tool that allows getting access to the interactive Windows command-line prompt on network computers in order to execute commands and run processes remotely.[8]
This system utility can detect processes locking selected file system resources. It can be used to unlock locked files and folders.[9]

Network Monitoring Software[edit]

The company offers freeware and commercial tools that are used to monitor state of network hosts and devices.

EMCO Ping Monitor
This tool allows tracking availability of network hosts by executing pings on a regular basis. In case of connection loss and restore the application can send notifications and execute custom actions. This tool is available in a free and commercial versions.[10]

Remote Deployment Software[edit]

The company offers two types of remote deployment solutions. Both types allow installing and uninstalling applications on Windows computers across the local network, but use different deployment approaches and have functional differences.

EMCO Installation Suite
This software bundle consists of two products: EMCO Remote Installer Professional and EMCO MSI Package Builder. EMCO Remote Installer Professional is a deployment tool that allows performing remote installations of MSI (Windows Installer) packages on selected network computers.[11] EMCO MSI Package Builder is an MSI authoring tool used to produce custom MSI installations or repackage existing non-MSI installations into the MSI format. Both tools can either be used separately to perform MSI deployment or MSI generation tasks only, or together.
EMCO Remote Deployment
This tool allows replicating the local file system and registry changes on remote computers across the local network. It tracks changes carried out by a local application installation and updates the selected remote computers accordingly to perform a remote application deployment.


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