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Type and origin
Power type Diesel-electric
Builder General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD)
Model EMD F40C
Build date March – May 1974
Total produced 15
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Length 68 ft 10 in (20.98 m)
Width 10 ft 4 in (3.15 m)
Height 15 ft 7.5 in (4.763 m)
Locomotive weight 368,000 lb (167,000 kg)
Prime mover EMD 645E3B
Engine type V16 diesel
Cylinders 16
Performance figures
Power output 3,200 hp (2,390 kW)
Operator(s) Milwaukee Road, Metra
Locale Chicago, Illinois, and its northwest suburbs
Disposition Twelve sold to Helm Leasing in East St. Louis, Illinois; all presumed scrapped. One (#610) sent to National Railway Equipment Company in Dixmoor, Illinois. Two (#611 and #614)are currently stored in the Western Avenue Railyard.

The EMD F40C is a 6-axle diesel locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division between March and May 1974 for commuter rail service. It is powered by a 16 cylinder EMD 645E3B, which can produce 3,200 horsepower (2,390 kW). It uses the same frame as the EMD SD40-2, giving it an overall length of 68 feet 10 inches (20.98 m). All 15 examples were ordered by a publicly funded agency to provide for upgrading of service over Milwaukee Road lines west and north from Chicago to Elgin and Fox Lake Illinois. The units later became a part of the Metra locomotive fleet when that agency came to oversee heavy-rail commuter service in Northeast Illinois. All units of the type were withdrawn from regular service with the arrival of new MP36PH locomotives in 2003-2004. Thirteen locomotives were sold to locomotive leasing corporations, although units 611 and 614 were retained and kept on the property in the Western Avenue railyard.

In the spring of 2009, units 611 and 614 were placed back into revenue service on both of Metra's ex-Milwaukee Road commuter lines. This is being done to cover schedules while the oldest units in Metra's EMD F40PH fleet are off the property being rebuilt. Along with a small fleet of HEP-equipped EMD SD70MAC locomotives operating on the Alaska Railroad, the F40Cs are the last six-axle passenger locomotives in daily service in North America.

Metra plans to rebuild F40Cs 611 and 614 to test new prime movers and control packages.[1]

The locomotives were ordered in two batches, EMD order numbers 73612 (13 locomotives) and 73689 (2 locomotives).[2] They were all named in Metra service.[3]

Serial Build date MILW road # Metra road # Name
73612-1 Apr 1974 51 611 Village of Ontarioville
73612-2 Apr 1974 52 612 State of Illinois
73612-3 Apr 1974 40 600 Village of Bartlett
73612-4 Apr 1974 41 601 City of Elgin
73612-5 Apr 1974 42 602 Village of Bensenville
73612-6 Apr 1974 43 603 Village of Schaumburg
73612-7 Apr 1974 44 604 Village of Elmwood Park
73612-8 Apr 1974 45 605 Village of Hanover Park
73612-9 Apr 1974 46 606 Village of Itasca
73612-10 Apr 1974 47 607 Village of River Grove
73612-11 Apr 1974 48 608 Village of Roselle
73612-12 May 1974 49 609 Village of Streamwood
73612-13 May 1974 50 610 City of Wood Dale
73689-1 May 1974 53 613 Village of Round Lake
73689-2 May 1974 54 614 Edward F. Brabec


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