Joaquín Trincado Mateo

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Joaquin Trincado mateo
Born Joaquin Trincado Mateo
(1866-08-19)August 19, 1866
Navarra, Spain
Died December 6, 1935(1935-12-06) (aged 69)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Known for Founded The "Magnetical-Spiritual School of Universal Commune" (EMECU), and a new perspective on Spiritism; "Spiritism Light and truth".

Joaquín Trincado Mateo was a philosopher of Spanish origin. In 1911, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he founded the Magnetical-Spiritual School of Universal Commune, an academy fundamentally based on the study of "eternal and continuous life" using its "Light and Truth Spiritism" resource.

Magnetic Spiritual School of Universal Commune is the direct continuation of the CABAL MORE than Moses founded 36 centuries ago, to leave the people of Israel, after having liberated and enlightened, because, by their priests remained in the low-practices magic learned during the centuries of slavery in Egypt, Moses with a group of Elders who follow him, Jerusalem Kabbalah based on more (Mathematics, Philosophy), known as the School of the Essenes, or the sixties and Sages. There Moses leaves the entire body of knowledge, not only acquired in that existence as such, but those of his rich master file of Humanity, the germ of the Doctrine and Legislation historic first child of Adam and Eve, Seth, the Sanskrit doctrine which follows the Vedanta and other branches later.[1]


Youth and family[edit]

Mateo was born August 19, 1866, in the Spanish city of Cintruenigo (province of Navarra), the son of "working class" parents, Ignacio Trincado Alfaro and Romualda Mateo de Ayala. He was a student for about eighteen months at a Jesuit school[2] and later studied to be an electrician.[citation needed]

Foundation of the EMECU[edit]

In 1912, Mateo traveled to East Jerusalem, where he was received by the guardians of the school of the Essenes Kábala; here he received the order to open a school, intended as a continuation of the Kábala. The new school he founded, Escuela Magnetico-Espiritual de la Comuna Universal, became very popular. In the first twenty-four years of the school's existence, 184 EMECU branches were opened in several Spanish provinces, as well as Cuba, El Salvador, the United States (US), Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Uruguay and Venezuela.[3] For administrative operations, the schools established a rigid discipline, governed by a document entitled, "Rules of Procedure, Statutes, Circulars and Articles", from its official magazine, La Balanza ("The Balance"). The document describes a "personality", whereby the Civil School is an educational institution for philanthropic and cultural studies, with own metaphysical and scientific methods.[citation needed]

In addition to writing tirelessly on spiritism, Mateo promoted the progress and unity of Spanish-speaking people. On October 12, 1921, he developed the Hispanic-American-Oceanic Union (UHAO), symbolized by a flag with the seven colors of the rainbow and the Spanish Oak tree of Guernica. In 1925, he founded the Organization Templo Azul Racionalista (Otar), for scientists and intellectuals, and then the "Circle Master's Advocate", a secular education program, whereby teachers would instruct other teachers.[citation needed]

The Nicaraguan revolutionary and politician, Augusto Cesar Sandino, was one of the best-known followers of Mateo's "Luz y Verdad" ("Light and Truth") manifesto of 1931.

The Colony Jaime (Santiago del Estero)[edit]

On July 25, 1931, Mateo directed the founding of Colony Jaime (607 hectares (65,300,000 sq ft)), located in Robles in the northern province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina; the Colony remains in existence as of 2012. In 2012, twenty-five families, consisting of seventy-nine children, teenagers, and adults, are the Colony's residents.[4][5] It is located 25 kilometres (16 mi) from the city of Santiago del Estero (capital of the province), with longitude and latitude directions of 27 ° 47'24 "S 64 ° 04'54" W.

Since 1952, Colony Jaime collaborates with the Cologne Provincial Public School No. 667 Pedro Juricich (primary and secondary EGB3 initial level), which works with many children from the area who attend the association.

Mateo also created the Colonia Los Libertadores.

Death and administration[edit]

At the time of Mateo's death on December 6, 1935, it was discovered that he had left directorship duties of the school to his wife, Maria Mercedes Riglos Cosis, who, in turn, delegated this authority to their eldest son, Juan Trincado Donato; Donato eventually died in 1992. The current heirs, trustees of Trincado's unpublished works, reside in Buenos Aires and the Province of San Juan.


Some of Mateo's most representative texts are:

  • Conócete a ti mismo
  • Extremes Meet
  • Philosophy Rational Austere
  • Spiritist Questionnaire
  • Speech by Bishop Strossmayer
  • Searching for God
  • Five Loves
  • Prophylaxis of Life
  • Jesus Man not God
  • Magnetism in its Origin
  • First Ray of Light
  • The True Life of Mary of jerico
  • Philosophy Universal Encyclopedic
  • Alfaqui Vademecum
  • Spiritism Studied

He wrote 42 works; including books and pamphlets, of which only 14 were printed, being still at an unprecedented 32 of them, in the hands of their children. Some of these are some of the already then printed as the continuation of the Code of Universal Love, his Autobiography and other undeniably important. For the correct course of his school gave us the Statutes, Internal Rules, Circulars, Orders, Conferences, etc.… Legalized the formation of 180 Chairs subsidiaries spread across the Americas and others elsewhere in the world. Communal Colony founded, the "Order of the Temple Blue Rationalist (OTAR)" and the highly political organization called the C name and she went and got host of various governments of Hispanic America to the principles outlined in the “Basic Referendum” in development which he fought to fall murderous villain General Augusto Cesar Sandino, Keeper of the School in Nicaragua.


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