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EMISAT in deployed configuration.png
EMISAT in deployed configuration
Mission typeReconnaissance
COSPAR ID2019-018A
SATCAT no.44078Edit this on Wikidata
Mission durationPlanned: 5 years
Elapsed: 1 year, 1 day
Spacecraft properties
Launch mass436 kg (961 lb)
Power965 W
Start of mission
Launch date1 April 2019 (2019-04Z) UTC
RocketPSLV-QL C45
Launch siteSatish Dhawan SLP
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
Apogee altitude749 km (465 mi)
Inclination98.376 degree

EMISAT is an Indian reconnaissance satellite[2] under DRDO's project Kautilya[3] which is meant to provide space-based electronic intelligence or ELINT. The spacecraft will help improve the situational awareness of the Indian Armed Forces as it will provide information and location of enemy radars.[4] ELINT payload is by Defence Electronics Research Laboratory, while augmented Indian Mini Satellite-2 (IMS-2) platform is by ISRO.[5]

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