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EMMA (magazine).jpg
September 1998 cover: Romy Schneider, Alice Schwarzer
Editor-in-ChiefAlice Schwarzer
CategoriesWomen's magazine
FrequencySix times per year
First issue26 January 1977; 42 years ago (1977-01-26)
Based inCologne

EMMA is a German feminist magazine. Its print edition is published every two months in Cologne, Germany.

History and profile[edit]

The first issue of EMMA was published on 26 January 1977.[1][2] The founder of the magazine was Alice Schwarzer,[1] who is still publisher and editor-in-chief. The magazine was modelled on the American magazine Ms in terms of content, targeted audience and layout.[3] It has its headquarters in Cologne.[4] In December 2002, the EMMA website was launched.

The name of the magazine is a wordplay of the term emancipation.[2]

Since its foundation, EMMA has been the leading feminist magazine in Germany, and the only political magazine in Europe entirely run by women.[4]

The magazine has often been criticised for its opinionated and activist stance. However, it has affected German society, creating awareness for and instigating debates on social and women's issues.[5]

Until 2010 the magazine was published every two months.[2] It began to come out quarterly in 2010, but in 2013 it again began to be published every two months.[2]

The estimated circulation of the magazine was 60,000 copies in 2012.[2]

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