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The correct title of this article is E|MVC. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.
Developer(s) Ed Hertzog
Written in JavaScript
Operating system Cross-platform
License MIT License
Website http://www.OpenSourceMVC.com/

e|MVC is a JavaScript-based open source Model–View–Controller (MVC) framework, which includes an extensive JavaScript object library and a collection of widgets in the free download. The core e|MVC object bootstraps a model/controller combination for corresponding configured view objects. Utilizing a factory pattern, models and controllers are dynamically instantiated with the help of the dojo.query() method utilizing a lazy load approach in a compact file. The framework relies heavily on Dojo Toolkit 1.4+, and is tightly integrated with the e|Objects JavaScript library. The simple object interface allows for the easy incorporation of other useful third-party libraries, such as jQuery, sIFR, and MooTools. e|MVC is licensed under the MIT (X11) license and is subject to license terms of numerous incorporated Open Source components.


The first release of e|MVC was used commercially in 2008. e|MVC 1.0 became stable in August 2009 and was officially released to the public on July 16, 2010.

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