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Industry Ports
Headquarters 82 Avenida Marginal
Mindelo, Cape Verde
Revenue CV$ 172,544 (2012)
Website www.enapor.cv

ENAPOR (Empresa Nacional de Administração dos Portos, Portuguese for the National Port Company Administration) is the Cape Verdean port authority.[1] Its current president is Carlitos Mendes.[2]

The activity at the ports of Praia and Mindelo dominate 75% of the total activity, the largest being Praia.[3]

Port management[edit]

ENAPOR manages its ports including the ones in:


Its logo has a boat on top and is colored blue on the right and white on the left, it also has the sea on the middle and on the bottom is, ENAPOR is read on the bottom and "Portos de Cabo Verde" (Portuguese for the Ports of Cape Verde), it is colored blue, white and red according to the Cape Verdean flag.


The company was founded in 19 June 1982 and brought the necessaries of organized structure of the function of the nation's ports especially at the international level.[1][8] The company became privatized in 2005 and conceded much of the nation's ports.[9] Traffic partly declined in 2007 and continued for a few years, it was part of a world financial crisis and had a small debt.[10] Previously in 2008, the company signed an accord with the Chinese shipping company COSCO for the redevelopment and construction of the ports along with installations in the country.[11]

In September 2015, the port president visited the ports of Sines and Algarve in southern Portugal.


ENAPOR has expanded the Mindelo port in the late-1990s and is about 300 m in length and 100 m in width to boost cargo production on the island and Cape Verde. The expansion lasted for a few months. The port of São Filipe on Fogo Island and several others saw expansion as well in order to increase cargo traffic.

ENAPOR expanded the Praia harbour and boosted production and jobs in the city, it was last expansion was in the mid to late 20th century. Recently more ports expanded including the port of Boa Vista at Sal Rei, Vila (now Cidade) do Maio, another expansion in Mindelo, part of Palmeira in Sal, Porto Novo, Preguiça and São Filipe.


For the list of ports in Cape Verde, see also List of ports in Cape Verde


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