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The ENPI CBC Italy-Tunisia Programme is a European cooperation programme. It is part of the European Strategy 2007-2013 for Cross-border cooperation of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), implemented in the context of the enlargement of the European Union.

Eligible Area[edit]

The Programme eligible areas are the following:

Aim and purpose of the Programme[edit]

The Programme aims to achieving the following General Objective: "Promoting the economic, social, institutional and cultural integration between the Sicilian and Tunisian regions through a joint sustainable development process in the context of the cross border cooperation.”[2]

Priorities and Measures[edit]

The Programme Priorities for action are:

Priority 1 - Development and regional integration supporting the development and integration of the key economic sectors, promoting the flow of goods, the research and innovation;

Priority 2. Promoting sustainable development through an efficient management of resources in agriculture and fishery, the protection and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage and the development of renewable energy sources;

Priority 3. Enhancing cultural and scientific cooperation and support to networking;

Priority 4. Securing a high quality level of management, surveillance and control of the Programme through activities of technical assistance.[2]


The total budget of the ENPI CBC Italy-Tunisia Programmes 25.191 million EUR for the 2007–2013 period:

  • 13.603 million EUR for Priority 1
  • 4.543 million EUR for Priority 2
  • 4.534 million EUR for Priority 3[1]


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