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ENT Ltd, standing for Examiner-Northern TV Ltd, is a private shell company owned by WIN Corporation. In its heyday, ENT was a publicly listed Australian media company based in Launceston, Tasmania. It was run by major shareholder Edmund Rouse until 1994, when a bribery scandal led to Rouse stepping down as managing director and it was taken over by Bruce Gordon's WIN Corporation.

Previous entities in direct control by ENT Ltd[edit]

Print media[edit]

Television stations[edit]

Radio stations[edit]

Other assets[edit]

Filmpac Holdings was a film and video distributor. ENT acquired a 40 per cent stake in 1988 from its purchase of Victoria-based media company Associated Broadcasting Services.[1] From 1986 to 1990, Filmpac released a total of 69 films theatrically making it the country's largest independent mainstream theatrical distributor. The company collapsed in 1990 with its film library purchased by Village Roadshow. [2]

ENT’s 1988 annual report described the company’s principal activities as television, newspapers, radio, commercial printing, motels, travel agencies, picture theatres, property development and investment.


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