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EN 3-x
EN Standard
ReferenceEN 3-x
TitlePortable fire extinguishers
CommitteeCEN/TC 70
Work Itemvarious
Citation in OJEU2008/68/EC (No)
CE markingYes
Normative reference

European standard EN 3 specifies requirements for portable fire extinguishers.[1] Compliance with the standard is legally required for the construction of all fire extinguishers in the European Union.

The standard has been published in 10 parts:

  • EN 3-1: Portable fire extinguishers. Description, duration of operation, class A and B fire test.
  • EN 3-2: Portable fire extinguishers. Tightness, dielectric test, tamping test, special provisions.
  • EN 3-3: Portable fire extinguishers. Construction, resistance to pressure, mechanical tests.
  • EN 3-4: Portable fire extinguishers. Charges, minimum required fire.
  • EN 3-5: Portable fire extinguishers. Specification and supplementary tests.
  • EN 3-6: Portable fire extinguishers. Provisions for the attestation of conformity of portable fire extinguishers in accordance with EN 3-1 to 3-5. Amendment 1
  • EN 3-7: Portable fire extinguishers. Characteristics, performance requirements and test methods.
  • EN 3-8: Portable fire extinguishers. Additional requirements to EN 3-7 for the construction, resistance to pressure and mechanical tests for extinguishers with a maximum allowable pressure equal to or lower than 30 bar.
  • EN 3-9: Portable fire extinguishers. Additional requirements to EN 3-7 for pressure resistance of CO2 extinguishers.
  • EN 3-10: Portable fire extinguishers. Provisions for evaluating the conformity of a portable fire extinguisher to EN 3-7.

EN 3-1, EN 3-2 and EN 3-4 and EN 3-5 have been withdrawn and were replaced by EN 3-7.

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