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EON Reality
IndustryVirtual Reality Augmented Reality
HeadquartersIrvine, California
Area served
  • EON AVR Platform
  • Creator AVR
  • Virtual Trainer
  • AR Assist

EON Reality is a multinational virtual reality and augmented reality software developer headquartered in Irvine, California.[1][2][3] The company was founded by Dan Lejerskar, Mikael Jacobsson and Mats W. Johansson in 1999.[4][5] David Scowsill is EON Reality's CEO.[6] The company's clients include entities such as Boeing, Microsoft, Lexus and Cornell University.

The company's joint ventures include EON Sports VR and EON Reality Mauritius.[7][8] EON Reality has subsidiaries in Manchester, Laval, Gothenburg and Singapore.[9][10][11]


In 1999, Dan Lejerskar, Mikael Jacobsson and Mats W. Johansson founded EON Reality.[4] The company's Suzuki Sales P.R.O. was named "Most Innovative Product" by the Kiosk Awards in 2004.[12] Orange County Innovation recognized EON Reality at its Innovator's Showcase and Celebration in October 2006.[13]

EON Reality supplied its simulation solutions for training and development at a technology center in Brazil owned by Senai, a Brazilian industrial apprenticeship service, in September 2010.[14] In March 2013, EON Reality opened an interactive research and development center in Manchester, England.[1][11] The company opened its Entrepreneur Coding School to teach coding, 3D modeling, design and development.[15]

By the end of 2013, EON Reality opened an education and entertainment research and development and production center in Laval, France.[16] EON Reality launched the EON Innovation Program, a start-up incubator program, in March 2014.[17] The following month, the company established an Interactive Digital Center and EON Entrepreneur School in Moscow, Russia and Muscat, Oman.[2][18] In October, EON Reality signed an agreement with the Mauritius State Investment Corporation and State Informatics Ltd. to invest $13.1 million US dollars in an interactive digital center in Mauritius.[19] Midwam, a 3D learning, hologram, and virtual reality solutions based in Saudi Arabia, partnered with EON Reality in December.[20]

In January 2015, Mats W. Johansson was awarded "Global Innovator of the Year" from the BIG Summit. In March 2015, Richard Leese stated that EON Reality contributed to the growth of Manchester’s creative sector to become one of the largest in the world.[21] In November 2015, the Interactive Digital Center in Mauritius opened.[22] EON Reality opened an Interactive Digital Center in Tshwane in April 2016.[23] That same month, the company announced that was investing $20 million to build a virtual reality development center in the municipality of Atizapan in Mexico.[24] The center will help develop applications in Spanish.[25]

In December 2016, EON Reality announced that it would launch Eon Reality Norway AS and would open locations in Hamar and Elverum in the country.[26]


In November 2014, the company partnered with Duncanville, Texas to establish a virtual reality school.[27] In December 2015, EON Reality announced a partnership with Deakin University to launch the Interactive Digital Centre Hub.[28] Oral Roberts University is also using EON Reality's AR and VR platforms in its Global Learning Center.[29]

In September 2016, EON Reality announced a partnership with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges in which it built an educational training center in Davenport, Iowa. The company's Innovation Academy began offering augmented reality design classes in January 2017.[30][31] Eon Reality reached a partnership with Lehman College in December 2016, in which the company will build an Interactive Digital Centre on one of Lehman's satellite campus in the Bronx.[32][33]

In July 2017, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges was awarded a $748,218 grant to develop a water/wastewater, agriculture technology, and conservation curriculum in partnership with EON Reality.[34]


EON Reality licensed Microsoft's Touchlight technology through Microsoft's IP Ventures Program in 2006.[35] The company partnered with the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities to pioneer turnkey solutions for 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality for Bait Nassief, a UNESCO World Heritage site in April 2015.[36] The following month, ExxonMobil awarded a global commercial license for Immersive 3D Operator Training Simulator technology to EON Reality.[37] In March 2017, EON Reality partnered with the lighting company Tridonic to create an augmented reality interface for the company's IoT industrial lighting technology.[38] That same month, the company's software was used by Epson for a partnership with SO Sofitel Singapore that created an augmented reality experience within the hotel.[39]


EON Sports, an athletic Virtual Reality training software company, was founded as a subdivision of EON Reality in 2013.[40] EON Sports launched a virtual reality training program for football players in February 2014.[40][41] UCLA, Ole Miss, Syracuse University, the University of Kansas and 100 high schools are using the software.[42] The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced that they were using EON Reality's Sidekiq football simulator software for their training camp in July 2015.[43] The New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys also invested in the technology.[44]

In November 2015, it was announced that EON Sports partnered with Jason Giambi and created Project OPS, a baseball training solution.[45][46] The Tampa Bay Rays announced that they will use the EON Sports technology for training.[47] The company's VR tools have also been used as a recruitment tool by college football teams.[48]

In August 2016, it was announced that EON Sports VR would collaborate with the University of Miami to create a virtual reality channel available to fans of the University's athletic teams.[49][50] That same year, the company reached a similar agreement with Pennsylvania State University to launch the LionVision VR channel.[51][52] In March 2017, EON Sports VR partnered with the creative agency Twelfthman, Raycom Sports and the ACC Men's Basketball Tournament to present the tournament and related content in virtual reality.[53] That same month, the company partnered with Nippon Professional Baseball's Yokohama DeNA BayStars, which will use the companys baseball training platform.[54]


In 2014, EON Reality and its IDCs have 450 employees worldwide.[16] The company develops virtual reality and augmented reality products aimed to improve knowledge transfer. EON Reality sells its software to corporations, universities, governments and the entertainment industry.[3] The company has Interactive Digital Centers in Manchester, Laval, Moscow, Jeddah, Dubai, Bologna ...

In 2016, EON Reality released a free 3D learning app for Android and iOS called, EON Creator AVR. The app also allows teachers and other users to create learning experiences from the company's library of 8,000 3-D components or choose a stock lesson.[55][56][57] The company released the EON AR Knowledge Injection in April 2017, the update to its AVR platform relies on artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and geolocation to create augmented reality annotations tied to objects in the real world.[58]


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