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Pro Golf Tour
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2017 Pro Golf Tour
Sport Golf
Founded 1992
Countries Based in Central Europe and North Africa.
Current schedule includes tournaments in Egypt,, Morocco, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.
Official website

The Pro Golf Tour, formerly the EPD Tour (European Professional Development Tour), is a developmental professional golf tour based in Germany. It is a third-level tour, the highest level of men's golf in Europe being the European Tour, and the second level being the Challenge Tour. The other third-level tours in Europe are the United Kingdom-based PGA EuroPro Tour, the Alps Tour, which is sanctioned by the national golf unions of several countries, including France and Italy, and the Nordic League in the Nordic countries. Beginning in July 2015, the four third-level tours carry Official World Golf Ranking points.[1]

The EPD Tour was established by Canadian golf professional Wayne Hachey in 1997 and has been recognised as an official third level tour by the PGA European Tour since 2001. In 2005 the PGA of Germany took over the EPD Tour.

The top ten players on the Order of Merit are awarded a bypass to the second stage of European Tour Qualifying School. The five leading players earn an additional perk with status on the second-tier Challenge Tour.

EPD Tour alumni include major winner Martin Kaymer, as well as Tobias Dier and Marcel Siem, who have both won on the European Tour.

Order of Merit winners[edit]

Year Player Country Earnings ()
2016 Antoine Schwartz  France 22,105
2015 Philipp Mejow  Germany 35,311
2014 Marcel Schneider  Germany 29,665
2013 Florian Fritsch  Germany 29,278
2012 Marcel Haremza  Germany 26,362
2011 Reinier Saxton  Netherlands 34,809
2010 Benjamin Miarka  Germany 25,641
2009 Bernd Ritthammer  Germany 25,319
2008 James Ruth  England 23,441
2007 Tino Schuster  Germany 25,287
2006 Martin Kaymer  Germany 26,664
2005 Nicolas Meitinger  Germany 20,280


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