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This article is about embedded motherboards. For the European association, see European Photovoltaic Industry Association. For other uses, see Epia.
Computer form factors
Listed by PCB size (mm)
WTX 356×425
AT 350×305
BTX 325×266
ATX 305×244
LPX 330×229
NLX 254×228
DTX 244×203
FlexATX 229×191
Mini-DTX 203×170
microATX 171×171
Mini-ITX 170×170
EPIC (Express) 165×115
Nano-ITX 120×120
COM Express basic 125×95
EBX 203×146
ETX / XTX 114×95
Pico-ITX 100×72
PC/104(-Plus) 96×90
COM Express compact 95×95
COM Express mini 55×84
mobile-ITX 60×60
VIA EPIA PD-10000.jpg

VIA EPIA (VIA Embedded Platform Innovative Architecture) is a series of mini-ITX, em-ITX, nano-ITX, pico-ITX and pico-ITXe motherboards with integrated VIA processors. They are small in size and consume less power than computers of comparable capabilities.

There are several types of VIA EPIA motherboard: Nano-ITX versions, based on the VIA CoreFusion processor series, and Mini-ITX form factor featuring VIA CPUs and northbridges in separate packaging. They were originally built for industrial applications but came to have a wide range of applications in the consumer market, such as carputers, firewalls, HTPCs, and Small File servers.[citation needed].

Model codes[edit]

The VIA EPIA motherboards have the following designators:[1]

Code Definition
A Configured without TV-out
E Fanless configuration
G RoHS-compliant
L Configured with Gigabit LAN (where this is optional)
T With TPM


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