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EP Aviation based in McLean, Virginia, is an aviation company owned by Academi (formerly Blackwater Security). Assets may include an Embraer Super Tucano[1][2][3] and 28 other aircraft [4] including eight SA330J Puma and 14 Bell 412 helicopters.[5] Blackwater has another affiliate known as Presidential Airways which also has a number of registered aircraft. The Pumas were former Bundespolizei and were purchased from HELOG. EP Aviation is active in Afghanistan and Iraq.

EP Aviation is named for Blackwater's owner, Erik Prince.[6]


The EP Aviation fleet includes the following aircraft (as of August 2016):[7]

EP Aviation Fleet
Aircraft In
Orders Passengers Notes
Bombardier Dash 8-100 4
Total 4

The airline fleet also included the following aircraft (as of October 2011):[8][9]

Incidents and accidents[edit]

SA.330J (c/n 1358) N605R, ditched "somewhere in Afghanistan" around 15 December 2008 and there is damage to its tailrotor.[10]

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